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Friday, 18 March 2011

First Scottish Training Day Video


Stuart said...

Brilliant video GBC,and great to see the bikes being used, not just static displays in a show or museum.

kawa said...

After watching the vid i could be tempted to sign up again for this year. Last year I really enjoyed the BSA Sidecar, the Scott, the.... great day out!

Anonymous said...

Push that lever.

Pull that one.

Pump that thingy.

That's the gearchange?

Where's the electric start?

Oh, that's brilliant!

Congrats to you, you MOST GBCness, and all who had a great day.

My favourite - well, of course, it's the picnic hamper.

Thanks again.

ng :) :)

U N said...

Great video, and I'm in it!!!!! I wasn't going to sign up for this year's event until I saw the Ner-a-Car - now, that looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great video. Lever throttles, decompressors, air levers, advance retard levers .... and no clutch! Panic mode activated! ;o) I bet that was fantastic fun for the riders doing the training and well done the owners and organisers for making it all happen.

Graham B


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