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Saturday, 26 March 2011

GBC's trip to Glamis.

Hmmm, just been pulled by Grampian's Finest (aka the local Constabulary) on my way home from doing a talk at the Central Scottish Section of the VMCC! More tomorrow, or should I say later today, but the good news is you don't have to come and bail me out.

Right, so there I was, heading home, minding my own business when my phone went 'ping', so being a law abiding citizen, I pulled into a field entrance to check it, suspecting that it might be Mrs BC checking to see if I'd forgotten to put the chickens away. Then I spotted the car that had been coming the other way had gone past, then stopped, and was now reversing back to where I was parked. Well, being a girly out in the middle of nowhere at what must have been midnight or beyond, I decided the best bet was to move on. Then about half a mile further on, my mirror was full of flashing blue lights and blazing headlights. Humbug. All I wanted to do was get home and go to bed (after shutting the chickens away of course). So I pulled over, rolled the window down and the nice policeman requested that I join them for a chat in their vehicle. After a 'what brings you out at this time of night on these little back roads' quiz, we established that the cop doing the questioning also has poultry, and recommends a light sensitive pop-hole that you can adjust to shut at certain light levels so that the chickens are all safely shut away before dark - only works though if the hens are trained to go in the shed before the door shuts! We had a grand little chat about ducks, geese, badgers and foxes but I couldn't get him interested in joining the VMCC. Through the course of the conversation, he also established that I wasn't drunk, nor had I been drinking at all (I'm just a naturally merry person), so I was free to go. Got the local paper the next day and found out that there's been a bit of a drink/drive crackdown in these parts lately - was relieved to see the name of GBC didn't appear in it!


The Chief Bodger said...

Not having to be bailed out is a good much would it be for a criminal mastermind such as yerself????

Lemme was speeding and a GATSO gotcha? Mrs BC needs to take your driving priviledges away to protect those of abiding citizens who are out and aboot on the roads.

Stuart said...

Painting nails whilst driving a motor vehicle could lead to a custodial sentence ;-)

U N said...

I hope it wasn't 'eating chocolate whilst driving'!


Anonymous said...

Well it's now the day after tomorrow and silence reigns.

Should we be worried?


Bantam Cub said...

I'm guessing that not only did GBC persuade them to forget any alleged offences, but she also talked them into VMCC membership on the spot.

Stuart said...

So, my efforts to bake you a big chocolate cake with a file in it have been totally wasted....looks like I'll have to eat it myself!

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

NO CHOCOLATE!!!! I'd have to wait until Lent was over before I could get to the file Stu!


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