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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Christmas at Cubbie Towers!

Well it's like Christmas has come early to Cubbie Towers. Over the last few weeks goodies have been arriving though the post, left, right and centre. First was a little package all the way from Shetland, containing some clutch plates and shiny rocker box covers from the depths of Joe's shed. I was supposed to bring them back with me after the Shetland show, but I seem to recall, I was in a bit of a hurry to catch the ferry and didn't have time to pop in and collect them. I can use the clutch plates for the Terrier project, one day....before June 2011, hopefully. Thanks Joe.

Next to arrive was a parcel from Wales. It was Cubbie's speedo, being returned under separate cover. It had been something, but the good news was that Mr Pres's team of scouts had tracked down an identical replacement.

Low mileage Cubbie, one careful owner...tee hee...
And the third arrival, a couple of additions to my wardrobe, from a new blogger and Fleecebooker, Bob, from Massachusetts, I think...and no, I ain't modelling them for you.
One looks like it's from Bob's local bike shop, Licks Cycles where you can purchase all you'll ever need to customise your Tiger Cub, or Hhhhhhharley ... I probably shouldn't look any more actually 'cos I'm beginning to wonder if I can get Hammerite (other brands are available. Are they? Don't know, just thought I should say that in case anyone thinks I'm promoting one particular brand above all others) in sparkly pink. The second T is to commemorate the Fall Run from last year - there's a video on YooToob from this years run in aid of Shriners Children's Hospital - go have a lookie - Thanks for the T's Bob, will have to clean some grime of Cubbie and make room for the stickers!
Moving on to today, this wasn't a delivery, more of a collection. I went shopping on behalf of Robin of Wales and picked up a couple of bikes for him. Wait til you see these little gems. I'm temped to keep one, do you reckon he would mind?
Errr, vroomm?
Before you say anything, I would just like to point out I am sporting my winter layers in this photo. And I'd better also point out that Mrs BC took the pics of GBC doing the trials demo. So there.

Plenty of room. Oh, make way for the HOBART!! Snow permitting, it will be joining the merry band at Cubbie Towers next week.


Darrell said...

GBC Trials? Cool.
(Whats a "Hobart?")

Darrell said...

I'll have to visit "Licks Cycles" next time I visit my mother. Its right nearby.

Stuart said...

A little jem indeed, and looking so elegant in this year's latest designer wear.....oh, sorry you mean the bike! ;-)

Bantam Cub said...

I want a smart, new, checker-plate liner like that for my L200! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, a certain editor has been a bad influence on GBC...tsk. tsk. driving over automobiles... Hairy Larry


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