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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I nearly, oh so nearly, made it to the April Stafford show, apparently that's THE show to go to, but illness intervened and I couldn't go. I even had my accommodation arranged and a lift booked. But anyway, I've got plans to be there this weekend - accommodation sorted and travel sort of sorted, just need to get me a train ticket and we're off. There is one small problem at the moment; I don't have anything to, er, wear. I mean, I'm bound to be able to find something suitable in the pile of clean washing that passes for the contents of my wardrobe, but the tee shirt I really, really need is out on the line in the rain. Along with my jeans. Oh dear, the trials and tribulations, you don't understand.

So what am I after at Stafford? Well, a trials 'zorst and petrol tank for a Cub would be good, and some kind of 'seat' to go on a trials Cub, plus any Terrier bits and pieces would make my eyes light up, and maybe some odds and ends that you've just got to buy when you go to these jumbley places, you know, mixed nuts and bolts, bungeeeees, Cub projects, nothing big ya know...

And I quite fancy seeing the Classic Dirt Bike hall where my editor from Old Bike Mart (incidentally, have you seen the Suzuki test in there this month?) who is also the Ed of Classic Dirt Bike, will be demonstrating how to ride a trials bike over a car. Hooligan. I suspect he might make the odd couple of dabs on that one, but we shall see. He certainly couldn't compete with the World-International-Ariel-Trials-ish-Sidecar-Champ (aka GBC) in such matters. NO, that is NOT a challenge!

So keep your fingers crossed for a fine day tomorrow and if you're really unlucky, you might see me hanging around the VMCC stand at some point on the weekend.


kawa said...

You should enjoy the show, there's a good mix of stuff to see.
Am heading off on Friday morning and will be on or around the Z1oc stand most of the time.If you have time stop in and see my latest (finished) project.


Anonymous said...

C'mon now yer GBC ness, be creative.

Take your wet clothes on the train and hang 'em the window!

Works for me.


sfb said...

Should see you there! The Tribsa might not make it though - I've remembered I should be collecting an Ariel 3 engine and bringing some tyres home for a mate and Tribsa carrying capacity is extremely limited.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..OBM online, and digital back issues. Another reason to get modern and get a new computer this year. I remember a 400cc version of that Suzuki..circa 76-77? One of the kids working at the Bike shop I worked at then, would show-off and wheelie it up hill by the shop..shifting through the gears while doing a vertical wheelie. Course he was a motocross rider and thought you were supposed to ride street bikes that way.
So have a finished bike project...will this be on the blog? Been checkin' in on you from time to time...enjoyed the links. Have fun at the show youall. Hairy Larry

Geordie J. said...

Like your take on the Suzi (OBM test)! Indeed the world of classic biking is a broad church - or should be! Imagine having to choose between an M20 and a V-Max! Somehow don't think I'd struggle!

Anonymous said...

I loved the part about not running over the cabbages. We don't get that kind of detail from anyone else :o)

Graham B

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hmmm, cabbages, yes, ok, I must have missed them...

Update from Stafford in te next couple of days - hello to one and all and thanks for stopping to chat.

kawa said...

Had a great weekend, met up with loads of people, seen some very nice bikes, even managed to keep my money in my pockets and not buy anything.
A totally unsuspected thing happened on the Z1oc stand, every year there is an award for the best bike as voted by the members, well my bike got it and I got the ear to ear grin :-)
HL, now I;ve got a bit of time I'll started on the blog... now where do I start.


connell1975 said...

Excellent show and a great trials demo from the dales classic boys and commentry from ed at the 11 o'clock demo, forgot some mobile numbers tho.


The Chief Bodger said...

Sounds like it was a good do for all concerned, wet clothes, cabbages and all.

Good on ya Kawa for winning an award there.

Another Ariel 3 SFB? Cornering the market on those looks like.

sfb said...

Not another Ariel 3 - was hoping for an engine for the first one.
Enjoyed the show, met GBC, Kawa and Shorty.
Looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award, to Kawa. Oh goody, put lots of pics on your blog too. HL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kawa :o)

Graham B


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