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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Save the old BSA building

Here's a link you might be interested in...and some great historical photos at the bottom of the page -


Anonymous said...

Yes, very interesting.There was nothing "small" about the old Small Heath plant. Hope the old building is saved. Here in Sacramento,many of the old buildings in our "old town" district have survived. It's a very popular tourist destination with a large train museum, and a waterfront area on the Sacramento river. At stake now is the developement of the old train yards. Unfortunately a lot of the old shop buildings are gone. But if what is left is developed properly, it would preserve a lot of history. Here's hoping the BSA building is preserved. Hairy Larry

U N said...

Let's hope someone finds a use for the old BSA factory and restores it. Near me is the old 'India of Inchinnan' tyre factory where Dunlop 'Red Arrow' bike tyres were made in the 70s.
Her Gorgeousness passed with a quarter mile of here on her 'Cubbies Counties' trip, but didn't stop for a photo!
Likewise the Hoover factory in London. I rode miles out of my way to visit it, as I'd heard the Elvis Costello song about it.



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