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Thursday, 7 October 2010


Well there y'are, I tried to set up a Facebook thingy for the bike club, and one for someone with the initials GBC, but on both accounts they've failed to send the necessary confirmation emails. How bizarre. Any of you lot on the dreaded Facebook?


Darrell said...

I am on Facebook a lot, bot for work and to keep in touch with family and friends. Usually its pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

I think you got it right with the "dreaded" part...a friend of mine says she has 500 "friends" on facebook...kind of reminds me of the pre-internet days and some of the dreaded BBS's that were in this area...she says she needs to spend less time on the computer...if those 500 "friends" decide to e-mail ya...nah... Hairy Larry

U N said...

I've got a Facebook page as well, but with almost nothing on it. Reason is that a lot of people send me links to photos on their Facebook page, but you can't view it if you don't register.
I can't remember any problems setting it up, but with all these techy things, it's probably best to ask a 14 year old!


Stuart said...

Try "Fleecebook" and "Ewe Tube". They'll be what you're looking for! ;-)

U N said...

Just out of interest I typed 'GBC' into the search function on Facebook and there are 297 pages called that! If you call yours GBC, nobody will trawl through them all trying to find yours.
'Fleecebook' and 'Ewe tube' - excellent!!


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hmm, UN, are there any Gorgeous Biker Chicks on there? That should net me a few, er, 'friends'!

Ewe Tube & Fleecebook have potential! I'm sorry, I'm gonna steal that one for my Ewe Tube Channel, teehee.

U N said...

There's no-one on Facebook called 'Gorgeous Biker Chick', yet! Strangely, when you search it gives a link to a film group featuring a Bollywood actress!


Anonymous said...

My sister loves Facebook, and is always trying to get me involved with it...not for me...yet. I put "Hairy Larry" in a search field once and came up with some hairy, banjo picking giant of a guy...that by the way is not me!! Duelling banjoes indeed...and my real full name yields so many results it's rediculous...I kinda prefer to remain somewhat anonymous most of the time...all this techy stuff. Bad enough our work order system is on computer. Keep on Hackin' Hairy Larry

Geordie J said...

I'm on it and quite enjoy the interaction with other people that are there. It's VERY easy to spend/waste too much time on it though!
It should be a piece of cake to set up for a person of your tender years - if I can set up the bleedin' thing, ANYONE can do it.
Seriously it is a good way of browsing photos of common interest - of which we all have many!

Anonymous said...

I like 'Face-tube'. It's good for the banter and ripping the pish oot of yer friends. LOL

The Chief Bodger said...

I'll have to have a look on ye olde Face Ache to see if I can find ya GBC.

Just been catching up on the postings and comments after a fortnihgt back home in the Midlands.

I agree with the comments about "Friends", I've got a page just to check it out and a gut I know saw me on it and recommended some of his friends, 99% I don't even know.

Best to just get on there or check once in a while.



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