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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Skorp report.

Ok, it's not much progress, but it IS progress. Got the new bearings fitted in the rear wheel, oh, and front brake refreshed with new fluid - it hasn't been done since I've had the bike....which is a good few years....just need to find time to go and fetch the swingyarm and must remember to order the new bearings for it...that's in between finding a marquee, some chairs and tables and arranging a few other bits and pieces for a week on Weds...and...oh drat and I noticed that the braided hose on the rear brake (standard fitment on this quality motorcycle) has been rubbing on something and looks like it needs to be replaced.

PS went to Garioch show today, got rained on, all day, but it was a grand day out all the same. Pics to follow when I've dried the camera off.

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