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Monday, 9 August 2010

Quick update.

Well thats the S&T out of the way and guess who won a trophy, hmmm, eh....well? Come on, it was me! As someone so eloquently put it, I won the award for the 'best ballast'. Gotta be good at something I suppose.

Then there is the small matter of my Pilot and I being crowned Scottish European World Ariel Trials-ish Sidecar Downhill Vintage Champs. The story is nearly as long as the title so I'll save that one for later.

The PLUS1 is TOMORROW. Yikes. We have finally found a marquee and possibly enough tables & chairs. There is still some printing to be done but first I have to go to work, then we'll pop in at the campsite and see how things are going, then we'll have to go and do the shopping that is required for the Thursday night do, then it's back home to finish the printing and prep, and if I have time, I really should run the mower round before heading back to the campsite to Meet & Greet.

Catch ya later...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, "Best Ballast" eh...guess that's better than "Best Chair Monkey", or something equally derogatory. Sidecar Trials cool! As usual, anxiously awaiting the report and pics. As usual your busy, busy, busy....don"t forget to eat. Hairy Larry

kawa said...

Well done for the 'best ballast' at the S an T, did you get that last year as well?
Hope all goes to plan with the Plus 1 and you all have a good time.


The Chief Bodger said...

Congrats on the trophy. Go to a show, take part and get a prize, not too shabby!


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