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Thursday, 24 June 2010

UCAN fun run committee meeting

Woooo, here we are, another committee meeting to plan the 4th annual UCAN fun run....and all we did was eat!!! Chairman Chris serving up some of the fantastic foooood!!! His wife Val, cooked for us a rib of roast beef and yummy chicken curry. I like these meetings.

That's a bit of a lie actually, we didn't JUST eat. We decided on a few very important issues, and each of us has our tasks to do before the event on SUNDAY 19th Sep 2010. Mrs BC and I are in charge of PR and publicity, so it's time to launch all the press releases and get on to the various forums and websites that have been so kind to us in the past by promoting the cause. The website for the fun run is at if you'd like to pop over there. I need to put some updated info on it, and the new registration form, and then you can all start entering and gathering sponsorship from yer mates - there's going to be a hugeo-fantastico big Big BIG prize this year for the MOST sponsorship money raised, so get cracking people! Also there will be a raffle with a selection of great prizes (so anyone out there want to donate anything? Get in touch - cubbies counties AT

Actually, we need lots of really good prizes, so if you have any ideas about the sort of places / business etc we can contact - if you work for someone or a company who would like to sponsor a prize, or the tee shirts we need to have printed, or the bike stands or the *NEW* UCAN FUN RUN Passport (more on that later) please please drop me a line.

UCAN is all about promoting awareness of urological cancers, which kill 1000 men in SCOTLAND a year. Yes, that's only in Scotland. 1000 people die a year. Across the whole of the UK, that figure is 18,000. Crikey, that doesn't leave many! Anyway, urological cancers don't just effect men, women can also suffer from them, with bladder or kidney cancer. What we do for Chris Norton's UCAN Motorcycle Fun Run is help raise awareness and much needed funds for various new equipment that makes life and treatment better for patients, by arranging one heck of a big fun filled day, for bikers.

So I'll let you know when the 2010 registration form is available, and we'll see you in Royal Deeside on SUNDAY 19th September! Click click, clickety click.

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