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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Room with a view.

Nearly home, here's the view from my Edinburgh hotel room tonight. Reckon that must be Princes Street over there.


The Chief Bodger said...

Having only seen it at night once not too sure, but is that Waverly Station in the foreground?

There's a Mexican place called Viva Mexico up on Cockburn Street. has some good food.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oh botheration, where did my comment go. In short, yes, thats Waverly, and Mexican food too hot for me! Must go, got a train to catch. Byeee!

Anonymous said...

Late Happy B-day and my sister were born on the same day...(course I'm guessing you were'nt born in the 50's) You don't hang around in one spot for too long...Nice write-ups by UN and "West Coast Mike". What a unique oppurtunity you all have to ride such an interesting group of elder motorcycles. I'm jealous, and hope that someday I can time a trip over to participate in the fun. Can't say there is anything similar going on in my part of the planet. Not since my mechanic days did I get to ride a variety of bike's. None so old or interesting as the ones you guys rode. Enjoy the weather, haven't heard much about volcanic ash lately. (Just about a bajillion gallons of oil going to waste in the gulf...good grief...poor people down that way....) Hairy Larry


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