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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


It's HOT HOT HOT out there!!! It's 26degrees here, what's it like with you??


Anonymous said...

I rode to work today and it's supposed to be 43C here (Phoenix, Arizona, USA).

I wear sleves and a helmet liner which I get wet and wear under my jacket on the ride but it's still horrible.

Stuart said...

Glorious here in South Yorkshire, off to local classic bike night, should be a good turn out on an evening like this.

Stuart ;-)

Anonymous said...

At 3:12 in the afternoon it's 91F, or about in sunny Sacramento Calif. Not too bad yet.Up at Lake Tahoe about 69F currently...lovely place, Lake Tahoe.More ice tea please...Hairy Larry

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

That's a bit toooo hot Larry, I'd need more than cold tea!

Stu - you'll be sending me some pics of that then? Hmmm? Please????

Hate riding in the really hot weather, not that our really hot weather is anything like 43C, but I have to wear my thick winter gloves when riding Cubbie, whatever the weather (to soak up the vibes) so needless to say my hands get a little too warm.

Anyway, it'll probably rain tomorrow - we need it, parts of Scotland are under threat of water shortages.

The Cheif Bodger said...

We've been around 94F daily now. (South Texas)

Difference between here and Phoenix and Northern California is that they have a drier climate and we get stuck with humidity to go with the heat.

Next month and August it'll be a little bit warmer.

Riding in the heat is not fun at all even without a jacket for protection.

kawa said...

Think we managed 20C this/ yesterday afternoon... now the rains started, got soaked coming through Glen Devon on the way back from a run... but it was great being out an about on the bike ;-)

kawa (Mz)

Anonymous said...

Yeah CB, the humidity back on the east coast and in our more southerly states can be miserable. I'll take the "dry" heat. Of course it rained cats and dogs this morning here. I'll go and try to post at your blog again...been denied there. Hairy Larry

Jon said...

Me and my pals Tam and Karen have been to the local meet at the Stormy Petrel pub. Dont know the temp but its warm. big turn out mostly bland identikit sporty stuff but a few gems in there,Velo and couple of rigid Beesas.And my Speed Criple o course.

Darrell said...

Hmm...lets see about the Sunshine State: 92 degrees, 70 % humidity.
Oh, and I just got back from a trip driving from here to Arizona. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are hot.

Lindsay said...

45 in the shade, 25 knot wind blowing and 98% humidity, poor vis due to dust. :(

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Yuk yuk yuk, you can keep that!


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