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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Your top tips please!

Cubbie got a bit damp in the shed during the last week and a half of rain.

I've WD40'd everything in sight.

Performed my usual checks of lights, horn and spark - all present and correct.

But Cubbie still won't start.

Is it perhaps some moisture in the fuel that's causing a problem?

Your top tips for staring damp motorcycles would be much appreciated.

*EDIT* Left it in the sun while we caught and tended to some more sheep, and when I came back, second kick it spluttered into life. Didn't have time to go for a run to dry it out but ran it a while til the popping and coughing cleared. Now, about those doors....


Anonymous said...

You may have to just wait until it's thoroughly dried out.

But in the meantime, drain the carb by removing the float bowl.

Before you tip the petrol out of the float bowl ... take out the float so you can get a good look into the bowl and see if there's a blob of water at the bottom. If you've got a drain plug in the float bowl, remove it instead and drain it into something like a spray can top to inspect the fuel.

If that doesn't work then get a large branch from a tree and threaten it a la Fawlty Towers

Graham B

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Thanks Graham, I'll go drain the carby...

I would never even so much as utter a threatening word to my Cubbie!

Anonymous said...

Try putting Cubbie in the hall way in the house, that usually works for me, I can just hear Mrs BC now... run for cover


John said...

damp points ......or damp something or other, Kawa has a point, it really should be living in the house this time of year ....

Anonymous said...

You weren't supposed to take the last suggestion seriously :o(

Whenever I hear of an engine refusing to start I think of John Cleese's Fawlty Towers

Graham B

PS Good to hear a drop of sunshine fixed it

John said...

........... or

drain the fuel tank into an old washing up bowl .... place bowl under Cubbie's sump, drop lighted match into the bowl .... stand back and watch it dry out

Mrs. B.C. said...

Thing is, there are two ways to have your soup - in a bowl or in your lap.

Anonymous said...

We can see where this is heading - Her Gorgeousness is talking about a carpet for the shed, the shed roof is leaking and Cubbie is getting wet, and she's tidying up the 'front room / workshop'. What's the betting that Cubbie ends up in the house for her winter rebuild, and 'accidentally' leaks some oil onto the carpet, which rather than getting thrown out, may as well go into the shed. A cunning plan!

Sid AJS said...

Hi ive just posted the wee bit of video of the Haggis Run on my blog and on you tube hope the cub is purring. sidajs

Anonymous said...

To avoid future problems with damp, don't use WD40 as it doesn't dry and runs off fairly quickly. Best to fully dry the bike (another excuse to keep it in the house!), clean all the electrical connections, (wipe with cloth), and spray with 'Ignition Sealer'. Allow this to dry and it forms a waterproof coat keeping the dampness out. It's a bit smelly, so if you're doing it in the house, make sure Mrs. BC is out!
To protect against water in the petrol, add a small amount of 'Wynn's Dry Fuel'. Both of these should be available in good car accessory shops or agricultural suppliers, or Halfords if you're stuck.



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