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Friday, 23 October 2009

Special extra post.

Which is more than the Royal Mail are providing today! Got this pic through from Kawa as a follow up to the man from Improving Classic Motorcycles comment about the artwork... Neat huh? I see all kinds of ideas for Cubbie's new paint job....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pic GBC


Anonymous said...

So who stuck the big torch in the Tiger's


Mrs. B.C. said...

Never heard of Tiger, Tiger, burning bright, then Bob.
Does anyone know if Wisconsin is a particularly rural area, 'cause everytime I look up livestock etc., on the web I invariably get links to places in Wisconsin. Seems there are a lot of small farms/holdings there.

The Chief Bodger said...

Mrs BC, Wisconsin has a lot of dairy farms, that being a big industry besides "beer" and V-twins contraptions.

I'm guessing quite a bit of the state is rural/farming.


Anonymous said... that's what that means...I've always heard the phrase but without cognition of it's meaning.
Wisconsin is known as 'America's Dairyland' yes, a significant part is rural...lot's o' cows (and other livestock, one could assume)...didn't Darrell go up that way on his recent (spring/early summer) cycle vacation?


Darrell said...

Wisconsin has a lot of farm area. And they make most of the cheese in the U.S.
(Residents are called "Cheeseheads.")

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Good to see you're paying attention lads!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to kawa and GBC for posting the tiger fairing photo

It looks really good (love the whiskers), not seen anything quite like it before. My compliments to the artist (was it the T90 owner?) who did it :o)

Graham B

Mrs. B.C. said...

Thanks for the farming info guys.


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