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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Painting my nails.

Been a busy few days here in GBC Towers. Here's an idea of what I've been doing while you lot have been cleaning your bikes after a good weekends riding.

You might think October is toooo far ahead to be thinking of, but to comply with all the health and safety / risk assessment stuff that goes on these days, we have to find ourselves an Official First Aider for our 2nd Haggis Run (entry forms are availaby by the way...). I've got a name and number for a chap, but haven't managed to catch him yet. Don't let me forget to call him over the weekend if I'm here.

Had a most productive meeting with Robbie Allan the other day (yers..THE Robbie Allan) about the Grampian Motorcycle Convention, to be held at Alford in September. It was mainly to check details of our club stand and such like, but got chatting about all kinds of things, including bits for trials Cubs, and his Dakar experience a couple of years ago. As a result of the meeting, I've been able to send loads of entry forms out, canvass other clubs to come along, and to generally reassure people that the new format is going to be good. We've got an area measuring 50m x 20m to display pre1983 road, off road and racing motorcycles, so if you want an entry form...get in touch...or download one from > Alford link on the left.

The phone seems to have been red hot today, what with calling the First Aider chappy, and trying to get hold of a big name speaker from Ingerland to talk about dates that he can / can't visit, and speaking to people who are lending me bikes, and arranging some accommodation for a bike trip, and a quick call to Captain Bill to keep him in the loop...oh the list goes on. The email has been chirping away too, with, amongst other things, a request from My Friend the Author, Graham Blighe - he of the most handy title "Improving Classic Motorcycles", who is looking for a single (or pair of) Girling Gas shock 12.5 inches between centres for his Daytona, which apparently, is a bit wallowy. I've already reviewed the book in Old Bike Mart, but if you missed that, let me tell you it's a good read - rather than do any of the improvements he suggests, I was quite interested just to read about them! I might get around to sorting Cubbie's front brake one day... You can buy a copy of his book at

Plans for the Grampian Classic Club BBQ are underway, just as well as it's in July. Mind you, I've got the same old problem. Lack of communication. So far 3 people have booked, and I bet anything you like, closer to 25-30 will turn up. Is it too much to ask that people simply click on "Reply" and let me know??? Got Slim on the trail of organising the August club run to a local engineering place, and Mr Jolly who works with molten metal, forging (geddit??) ahead with ideas for a visit to his work place in September. October is our club AGM so that's that month taken care of, and for November, I just need to decide which speaker to invite. Got a few lined up. Talking of talking, I've been asked to visit the Highland Classic MCC to give them a presentation about the VMCC and my job as Area Rep, so looking forward to that. Oh yes, better just confirm my plans for attending meetings at the Clyde Vally and Auld Reekie VMCC Sections too....

In between doing the above tasks, I managed to fit in a bit of strimming and DIY around the place, caught the ewes and lambs to do their feet, and moved them to different paddocks. Also have finally managed to get Flying / Fearless Freddie away. By 'away' I mean he's gone to the big sheep field in the sky, aka, our freezer. Anyone want some succulent, tender, organically and naturally reared mutton? Ah yes, knew there was something else, I went to work too. Which reminds me, I've been carrying your tee shirt around in the car with me for the last few days John....I'll pop it in the post tomorrow....thanks for the discs...

Well that about covers it. What have you been up to? Where are you going this weekend? I need to know. Hey, here's a thought...why don't you send me a photo or two of a bike ride / run / meeting that you attended recently...and maybe just a couple of lines to say where and what it was. Yeah! Go on! DO IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Good write up again, I learn more about what is going on here than from the club site.
Next time you meet Robbie take him some butteries/rowies as he misses them down south.
What qualifications does the official first aider need ?
I wont be at the bbq as i will be at sea.
No reply from A.C.E. Engineering yet.
How do we post a picture and a few words on here?

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

I'm not really sure Slick, think you just need a First Aid qual of some you happen to have such a thing...?
You send me your pics and stuff and I'll post em on da blog :-)

Darrell said...

As I'm about to start my summer vacation road trip(read that as "take 2 weeks off to save the company some money")of approximately 6000 miles in 2 weeks I'll be visiting museums (AMA,private, etc..)and shows and such, and I'll send you a few pictures.
Oh, and of course some diving.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Aww Darrell, you not coming to visit Cubbie-land then? Any pics would be great, esp if they show some SUNSHINE.

Darrell said...

Sorry GBC, finances being as they are, a trip to Cubbie-land is not likely right now. I'm still looking, but it doesn't seem likely. Besides if I showed up you'd make do farm work anyway, and what kind of vacation is that? You'll just have to mail me some of that lamb stew.
And yes, there will be sunshine (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas).

Lynners said...

Another great read, do you never take a break? No riding stories from me but I'm enjoying reading everyone elses!! You can't name your sheep then kill it!!

Mrs. B.C said...

Naming a sheep doesn't make any difference to the sheep, but it does make identifying it amongst 50 others much easier!


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