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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Birthday Bonanza Giveaway!!

Arighty, you think GBC's birthday is all about giving GBC pressies? Well you're right. But I'd also like to give YOU a pressie, albeit only one of you can be chosen to recieve this item, but to the unlucky others, rest assured, this person will be representing all you other GBC Bloggers.

How to win -
Simply guess the time that I was born on 12th June 19??. Oh heck, I've forgotten the year, but you get the idea.
Clue -
Mrs BC was back in the ward and ready for her lamb stew after the momentous event. I'm not expecting anyone to get it to the exact minute, so who ever is closest will be the winner.
How to enter -
Leave your answer in the form of a "comment" by clicking on the "comment" link under this post. It will take a while for your comment to appear, but I think that's probably fair otherwise I might end up having to give two or more prizes away in one go, and we can't have that!

So what is the much talked about prize? You ready for this? It's a GBC & Cubbie Blog Teeeeee Shirt, as modelled in the following picture by the lovely Short Stan >>>

In real life, the tee shirt is white, but for some reason is looks slightly pinky/browny/beige. Must be something to do with Shorty's complexion.

This picture shows it in a slightly better light>>>

Closing date - 18:00hrs, Saturday 13th June 2009. Or thereabouts.


john said...

let me see .......

10:28 am ...

did I win ???? did I ...???

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Well you'll have to wait and see if anyone else enters!

Mrs. B.C. said...

Mrs.B.C. might have been back in the ward, but she was not ready for the lamb stew!!! Apart from anything else (like I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep)it was the worst lamb stew I've ever tried to eat.

connell1975 said...

just about 14.43 ..

Anonymous said...

14.02 ?????



Anonymous said...

I'll say 13:05....
just as they were starting the 'Junior' TT at the Isle of Man...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll go for 15.12 on 12th June 1931.

Do I win a prize?


Shorty said...

Are you suggesting something by the pink teeshirt
As you are the worst time keeper I have ever known, you probably should have been born at 10am but with your record I will go for 12.15 pm

Anonymous said...

Hippo Birdy BB

I reckon 1979ish

Have a good one.

Gravesone xx

kawa said...

I'll go for 11.45am

Happy Birthday auld yin ;-)


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oooh, lots of new names on here the noo, good to see y'all, Gravey, Connell & GNC. It's looking like we've got a winner....but there's plenty time yet for a late runner. I like your thinking BigBob - but I don't much like Shorty's (thinking). Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes, cards, e-cards and the pressies, I'm feeling suitably pampered.

PS. just so as you know, I'm not allowed to answer the phone or text or email AT ALL today, so if you're waiting for a reply to summat, please don't be offended.

Off to have lunch with the Queen when she's finished her stint on the telly. Ta ta.

Darrell said...

Ok, though the lamb stew clue means nothing to me, I'll guess.....1230.

Martyn said...

GBC's - birthtime, say 12:53 pm??

Thanks for a wonderful blog - like an old Noggin the Nog saga.


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Er, Martyn, good to have you on board, but you're just a wee bitty late for the competition...just as well you weren't the closest! I had a peek at your Tiger Cub blog...but I couldn't see anything - is it 'under construction'?


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