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Monday, 10 December 2007

How to get rid of the pre-Xmas blues; get on yer bike and ride!

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I took the Enfield out for a spin on Saturday afternoon, and I have to admit, it was soooo scary, but fun too! By the time I got away it was almost dusk, the roads were wet and things were beginning to get frosty. I also have to admit that I haven't ridden a bike for a good few weeks, and I was a tad rusty. I just nipped over to pick up a key from a friend whose cats I had to look after while they went away for a couple of days, and rather than go the direct route, I decided to go the long way through Cuminestown. This meant going down a steep hill with a 90 degree left turn at the bottom. Rather interestingly, when I applied the back brake, the bike slid left and right so I dared not touch the front one. Luckily there was nothing coming so I just overshot the junction and paddled round the corner. Embarrassing or what? I don't know what was on the road; oil, ice perhaps but it wasn't nice, and t'would have been a lot more embarrassing had I ploughed into the metal barrier on the far side, or slid down the road on my you know what. Anyway, the journey home was uneventful, and where I'd been nervous and slow on the way out, with it being pitch black, I think I rode a lot more confidently, mainly 'cos I couldn't see enough of the road surface to panic at every dark looking patch of tarmac. I need to keep riding through the winter, within reason, even if it's only on my trials bike...which is nearly, oh so nearly ready! I've managed to house Cubby - temporarily - in the MZ shed but there's no room to actually work on it in there, so the BIG shed is a must!

It's amazing how much of a buzz even a short blast on a bike can give ya, but anything bike related - like planning, can be almost (ok, not quite) as exciting... I'm planning 2008 and I can't wait. I'm thinking about exhibiting Cubby at the Scottish show at Ingliston, providing a) theres room and b) I can get it there. And I'd love to return to Shetland for their bi-annual show in June, and I rather fancy a trip to Spain or Italy, or maybe Switzerland on the MZ. There's talk of a few of us heading to a classic bike event in Englandshire at the start of 2008 just for something different to do, I've apparently been lumbered with sniffing out a good place to go - so any suggestions for events in the north of England would be handy, otherwise it'll be a 'shut me eyes and pick one' jobbie.

It's the Aberdeenshire MAG toy run next Sunday, I'm taking the RE and looking forward to it. Most years I either don't have a bike on the road, or am working, or I'm up to my ears in snow. Having overcome the first two, I hope the weather stays open and I can make it this year. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to pop in to the supermarket in Turra and purchase a Santa suit...that should provide a little light relief for some of the kids in the homes and hospitals, and so what if I look like an idiot!

Over 'n' oot chaps.


john said...

its enough to make me go over to the unit and fire my own bike up for a wee blat around in the wet ...


Lindsay said...

I was going to say that the Enfield was looking good (in the dark)until I clicked on the pic and it opened up full size in an other window. What's with all the rust on the mirror stays, exhaust header huts and front wheel spindle on the front wheel, a bit shocking for a new bike don't you think. You want to get some Coppercote on the header nuts before it is too late ;0)

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hey Iz...must be the affa corrosive rain up here. I got it all covered up with some sort of maintenance spray, that'll just be surface rust you see there.

Hey John, I'd stay in the warm if I were you! Blimmin' nippy out there!!!


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