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Thursday, 20 September 2007

It takes all sorts...

A bit of a mixed bag this time. Last weekend I popped over to the museum at Alford to meet the riders who had taken part in a charity fundraising ride for UCAN. They had started from Balmoral and ridden a timed route to Alford, and I have to take my flame coloured helmet off to them for doing so. Did you see the weather that day?? It was chucking it down 99% of the time, and some of the hardy rufty tufty lads only had leathers and shoes - as opposed to waterproofs and waders! I think about £900 was raised. Tuesday this week I had to get the late train to Glasgow for a work briefing. I could have got the one 3 hours earlier had my 6.30pm appointment had the courtesy to let me know she wouldn't be in, again. I mean, what is it with people? How hard is it to pick up this wondrous device called a Telephone and make a 2 min call? And this lady is a teacher, so no wonder the next generation are growing up as they are. Call me an old grump then, I don't care. I have never experienced such a dull and boring day, well, not since the last briefing, and what's wrong with the people down there? It was roasting, the sun was blazing through the window and they all had woolly jumpers on and wanted the window shut! I was sitting there in a T shirt (and a few other items of clothing of course) and was too hot. I dunno, the soft south, that's what it is. Sitting at the station I was treated to more examples of humans doing what they do best; single mindedly going about their business with not a thought for anyone else. Woe betide an innocent pigeon who hopped in the way. Or an old lady who was lost. I hate being in a city. Although there were some rather good displays of something I think is called 'fashion', if you call turquoise tights, red shoes, three quarter length blue troos and a yellow jumper fashion. Maybe the lady wearing two satellite dishes on her eyes had it right.
I really need to get on with putting the shed up (volunteers apply here...), as the MZ is going to need a lot of work this winter if I'm to ride it to places as exotic as Spain (and maybe Italy) next year. It passed the MoT last week but I did get a couple of warnings about wheel bearings and shock bushes, plus I'd really like to sort out the oil drinking problem. A nice chap in the MZ club has given me a few ideas on how to eliminate certain things, but one thing I have to do is take it for a long ride. Not usually a hardship but it always seems to rain on the weekends, and I don't fancy using it with the ContiForce tyres on. Call me a girl but they seem to be affa slippy in the wet and I find that scary! So, off to the autojumble this weekend, also at Alford. Wonder what go-faster bits I can find to bolt on to the Cubby!
And finally, I must mention the sad loss of Colin and Johnny McRae. You've all heard about it by now, but I felt it should go on the blog and I've added a link to his official website so anyone wishing to post condolences can do so there.
And finally finally...GBC's blog has hit and long since passed the 1000 hits which is greatly surprising, not to mention much appreciated. When I put my first post up I didn't really think anyone would be even slightly thanks for looking...don't forget comments always welcome!
Er....finally, no really, finally...I took the Cubby out of the van where its been living (no room in the shed cos some untidy wifie has left her junk scattered everywhere) and after not having used it for fired up first kick. Big grin factor that!


shortstansomeone said...

Must have got out of bed on the wrong side today. you win this months I am crabbit tee-shirt

John said...

Always good to read your Stuff BC ... adds a smile to the day.
Wot go faster bits for the cubby could you be talking about lolololol, like there is anything out there that could make it go faster ...lolol
Anyway, congrats on passing the 1000 mark ...........


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