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Tuesday, 25 September 2007


So there I was, enjoying the sunshine at the Alford autojumble, when Short Stan came up to me and said my last post here was crabbit. Now, how does that saying go...."it takes one to know one" or something like that! Actually, to fill you in, Stan and I have a bit of a war going on, he started it and now it just seems to run and run, but I just love banter like that. It's not often I meet someone who can stand up to my sense of humour but these bikers seem to be able to. The jumble was a good chance to meet people I hadn't seen for a while and catch up. I also spent all my pocket money on a selection of spanners, files and screw drivers. Lunch was a treat too, in good company and with good chat, although the cup of tea Mrs Bikerchick had was more akin to dishwater.

Poor puppy has a poorly paw. He clattered into a bit of rusty tin the other day and sliced one of his pads open. He didn't seem to notice at the time - he was able to carry on chasing sticks and stones, but for the last couple of days he's been suffering with it.

I keep marvelling at the wonders of modern technology combined with old bikes. My friend Diggy in New Zealand is a constant source of help via instant messaging, I don't want to embarrass the poor old chap but go check his blog out, it's way more interesting than mine.

Got a bike test lined up for this week, on a nice little AJS. This will be my first AJS experience so fingers crossed the weather picks up.

I've just discovered that I can upload video clips to the blog, and rather fancy popping a vid of the Cubby in full flight on here, just to prove that it does really go. Trouble is, I don't have a suitable recording device.

I'm hoping to get to Knockhill next Sunday for the Jock Taylor memorial races, anyone else going? Look out for me and say hello.

Right, I'm off to do my nails, hope this post wasn't too crabbit for y'all.

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