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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Cub Mag goes to Stafford (again).....

At one time, I'd never been to the great and glorious Stafford Motorcycle Show, and every time I tried to get there, something always went wrong.  Somehow I've now managed to attend twice a year with the Cub Mag in one form or another.  April 2014 was quite a trip, starting with having to stop off in Aberdeen at a parcel depot to collect the freshly printed Cub Mags - issue 9.  This was the first time I had outsourced printing and I might have left it a day or two too late to have them delivered to Cubbie Towers.  The parcel place was shrouded in thick fog and it took us a while to find it, but luckily Edward Turner Bear was on the case.  He sniffed them out.  

Find 200 Cub Mags in there somewhere!
Good ol' Eddy Bear, he found 'em.

The next weather upset was torrential rain and more fog with the traffic at a standstill in various places on the motorway south.  
The View.  More than once.
We set out our stall next to Greystones, with magazines, mugs and tee shirts on display, ready to meet and greet subscribers old and new.

All set up and ready to roll!

The Robster and Uncle Stu left in charge of the stand while GBC & MFM nip off to have a look at some of the more unusual machines at the show..... this one....
And some neat racers!
I wouldn't even bother to restore it, just ride it.
Yeah yeah yeah!
And YEAH again!
Ok, no.
Nope, maybe not.
But this, well, yes, I can probably fund the purchase of this for a future project!
Oh, and I'd love something like this one day...

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