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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Large Lunch 2014

Errr, thanks for the nudge Larry, here come's a catch up on 2014......

The Large Lunch was the first bike event of 2014 for us.  It's an idea that came from the CBG Big Breakfast, and I thought we should have something similar up in NE Scotland.  So the Grampian Classic MCC has organised the Large Lunch for the last 5 or so years I think.  It used to be at the Sheiling Tor in Fyvie, but after they closed and sold up we had to think of something else, which isn't as easy as you think because of the nature of the Large Lunch - we don't know how many people need to be fed and we don't know how much space is needed for bike parking.  We settled on the Dean's of Huntly visitor centre, which has a nice restaurant and quite a good bit of parking.  This year Cubbie was my steed, with Muckle Flugga Man on the XJ650.  The weather was nippy but sunny, and there was a good turnout from the Grumpy Club members with a smattering of non-members turning up to say hello - for future reference, the LL is open to ALL bikes and bikers; we'd like to meet you.  Cubbie enjoyed the run over to Huntly, only 40 mins or, but it was good to be back in the saddle, and the only annoying bit on the way there was a car that went frustratingly slowly in the bendy bits and a smidge too fast for Cubbie on the straights, grrrr!

There were some weird and wonderful bikes present, some of which we've not seen on Club runs before.  After the customary tyre kicking and chit chat in the car park (with some people expressing surprise that Cubbie was there, for real, and was running purrrrfectly!) we all managed to get seated inside for a bite to eat.  Then Slick had the great idea of a wee run to the coast for ice cream, and so half a dozen of us set off to Portsoy where we just got served in the ice cream shop before they closed.

A short run back to Cubbie Towers, and all in all, a good day out.

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