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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Terrier Rebuild Begins...

No false alarms this time.  It's Real.  The aim is to get this little Triumph on the road for May and use the Grampian Classic MCC Annual Camping Weekend trip to Skye as a running in test - which is just what I did with Cubbie in 2008.  A round trip of 500+ miles should be enough to establish what's going to fall off or break etc.
Cubbie on the Skye Bridge, May 2008, complete with toilet roll.
Then between May and September, any alterations, updates or repairs will be carried out and more miles added to the clock, in preparation for the Gaffers Gallop.  So, this is the state of play so far....

The frame was cleaned and treated with one of those rust stopping substances a little while ago.  Oh ok, about a year and a bit I think it was!
The front guard has the original paintwork, complete with a few rust spots.   I'm tempted to leave it as it is....
But for some reason, the back guard, at least I assume it is, as it was with the front one, is completely  bare of paint.
As is the nacelle.
The oil tank has been lovingly painted in a rather nice shade of blue.  Again, I'm tempted to leave it but will I get away with it?  The back of the tank is original Terrier red.
This is the tank that came with the bike, its the wrong one, but is anyone bothered?  
Not sure why this tank is in the Terry File, it's supposed to be for the trials project, but hey, it looks smart dunnit!
Terry's bottom end has progressed a little from this, and has been stripped, cleaned up, had new bearings fitted and awaits my attention to put it back together.
Most of the other bits and pieces are present, the head has been fully cleaned up and is tucked up in an oily rag somewhere.  I really need to send off to try and get the original number - I have a log book and a dating certificate so fingers crossed....
Merv sorted the old chrome on the wheels for me. 
It's a lot quicker doing it like this than scrubbing away with a wire brush, or trying to build a cabinet at home and sending blasting medium all over the garden!
They've come up quite good, and the spokes are sound.  A lick of paint will see them right and hopefully, if any are going to cause problems, they'll do it on the running in test to Skye, rather than half way to John O Groats.

And then there's Yorkie, the 1955 plunger Cub that Muckle Flugga Man will be riding.  That's in many parts at the moment too....

And Scott the Cubaholic has also to build his Terrier.  If you want to take bets on who will finish first, I wouldn't bet against Scott!

1 comment:

Hairy Larry said...

Good you all have each other, to spur each other on. Not that I'll be participating, but I'm inspired by you all to get crackin' on my Cub project.
Should be a blast, wish I was participating.


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