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Saturday, 16 February 2013

GBC and the Gaffers Gallop....

Yes, Gorgeous Biker Chick is one of several certified mad people who will be attempting to ride Triumph Terriers from Land's End to John O Groats, just as Edward Turner did, in 1953.  To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of what became known as the Gaffers Gallop, we will be aiming to stick to the original timetable and route as much as possible.  Modern motorways and modern traffic will just befuddle our little bikes so hopefully we can find some nice little back roads that were the main roads in Turner's day.

To give you a rough idea of the task - the original Gallop went like this....

6th Oct - depart Roche, 11:40hrs > Land's End > Exeter for supper. 
7th Oct - Exeter > Leamington Spa with lunch at Malmesbury.  Approx 160 miles.
8th Oct - Leamington Spa > Carlisle with a tea stop at Appleby.  Approx 246 miles
9th Oct - Carlisle > Inverness with luncheon at Perth.  Approx 263 miles.
10th Oct - Inverness > John O Groats, no apparent stop for lunch or anything else!  Approx 158 miles.

I won't be going alone though, oh no, Brett Baxter from B&B Engineering and Mike Estall (need I say he wrote the Tiger Cub Bible???) will be doing part of the 'southern' leg, from Exeter southwards, and Scott Scotty Scotty Scott (that's just one person, not four people called Scott, I couldn't cope with that!) and the Man from Muckle Flugga will be doing the whole route with me - somewhere in the region of 1000 miles.....on Terriers and a plunger Cub....which we all need to crack on and build!

I don't suppose there is any chance in the world that any of the ORIGINAL Terriers from the Gallop are still around and on the road?  Reg numbers - NWD 867, NWD 868 & NWD 869.  Would be brilliant to have some of the three bikes that actually did the run to accompany us.  And quite frankly, if you have a Terrier or Cub we'd love to have your company anyway.  And if you want to come along on Any Other bike to meet us, take some pics, support us in any way, you're more than welcome.  A more detailed timetable of where to find us will be published as soon as its available.


Darrell said...

So cool. Wish I could make the ride with you.

Hairy Larry said...

Sounds like a fun ride, look forward to reading about that one. So, how is the Terrier project coming along?

Hairy Larry said...

Sounds like a very cool ride planned, that would be something if the original bikes were out there. Us Yanks will be waiting to read all about it.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Ah, yers, the Terrier project....wellll....its still in kit form at the moment! Shouldn't take long to build it up, then there's Muckle Flugga Man's bike to build and Scott is working on his Terrier, so none of us are anywhere near ready really!!


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