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Friday, 9 November 2012

Time time time time time.....

I'm hoping that if I keep writing the word 'time' over and over again, it might work and some more 'time' might just magically appear.  Think back to the Stafford show, can't remember when it was now, but in the run up to that the Cub Mag Team was in overdrive, getting the mags ready for taking to the show.  After the show, a bit of time was spent in Derbyshire.  Everything seems to happen in Derbyshire.  There were people to see and things to do.  On the Monday after the show, my Bultaco (which, incidentally, proved very popular at the show) was dropped off at Alan Whitton's pad, for safe keeping for a few weeks, as a contact of Muckle Flugga Mans had offered us two sheds at a price that even I couldn't refuse.  One will be a bike shed, and the other will be an extension to the old steading, perfect for lambing or hay storage or any other animally related purpose.  On Tuesday we went en mass, well, the two of us, to the shop where I got my 'awesome' phone, and after an hour or so, they sent us packing with no progress made as to why I can't get on Facebook, why sometimes it doesn't ring, why my photos keep disappearing, why the battery is so rubbish, why my emails vanish from time to time and why a whole load of other things don't work on it.  So that was successful.  The evening was more fun as we spent a few hours at the local bike club meeting, talking mostly to Bob the ex-grass tracker and looking at his great photos of the good old days, which were accompanied by many fine tales.  Ah, Wednesday, a visit to see Greengrass and his bikes in Derby - rubbish weather and a bad back didn't inspire me to accept his kind offer to try the Honda 400/4 or the Kawasaki KH250 but with a borrowed helmet and jacket I swung a leg over the Honda and tried to keep up with the lad.  It was going ok until he nipped off up a slip road while I was still in the outside lane!  Thursday saw us head to a local garage to have the brakes on the pickup truck fixed (life tends to be a bit calmer if the brakes don't lock up whilst towing a loaded trailer on wet roads) and then it was off to the Samsung phone repair shop.  Nice guy, nodded sympathetically while I went through the list of things that are wrong with my 'awesome' phone, and we left it with him and went and had lunch.  Some of the things are now fixed but the Facebook problem still exists.  That evening we collected shed number 1 and prepared for an early start on Friday.  Managed to get away about 7.30am and pointed the nose towards Leyland to collect a trials seat for a Cub project before spending two hours looking for an address where we had to collect something for Muckle Flugga Man's boss.  If he'd given us the right postcode it might have been helpful, but we found it eventually.  Is there room to turn a trailer, we asked, before going up the drive, oh yes, a big yard, she said, so we get up there and find that there ain't room to swing a cat never mind a pickup truck with a tipper trailer attached to it.  So I backed it all the way back down the drive and then we were on our way.  Over the hilly twisty northern England roads, narrow and muddy, lugging the trailer loaded with a shed and umpteen other bits and pieces, bales of shavings, a bike frame, Cub spares and so on.  An overnight stop in Kilmarnock was in order and let me just warn you, don't bother going for tea at the Asda on the big roundabout near the Travelodge.  Saturday morning and we called in to see Merv in Irvine who had been blasting and cleaning Terry's wheels and a carby for us.  Nice job, and he advertises in The Cub Mag too so if you're in that area, give him a bell for prices to have all your bits scrubbed up.

Phew, home.  And then it was time to get printing again and post out all the remaining Cub Mags.  I'm thinking they should all have arrived by now and I hope you're sitting back with a glass of wine enjoying the third issue of the only Cub & Terrier magazine on the market.

Last weekend, we collected a couple of trailer loads of stone for the base for shed number 1, but yesterday, I decided it really didn't look like being enough, and with the quarry shutting at 12 on a Saturday, there would only be time for another two loads, and we really want to make a start on getting the shed up this weekend, so, I'm just back in from overseeing the delivery of 16tonnes of recycled stone for the base of this, and the other shed, and any odd paths and potholes that need a bit chucking in.

And now I'd better phone the boss and get ready for workies.  Yippee.  Sorry there ain't no pictures yet, they're on my 'awesome' phone which still can't Bluetooth to my PC.


Hairy Larry said...

The Royal Mail and US Postal Service safely delivered a Cub Mag to California. Neither rain,sleet,snow or major hurricane disasters could stop them. Now to find time to sit and read it. Some great articles, have taken inspiration from the 'Budget Trials Cub' article. Other than the all important engine, I believe I have enough parts in 'stock' in various sheds, to build one. Speaking of sheds, how is the big concrete wall system shed going?

Mrs BC said...

Who needs an engine, Larry, you could pedal it surely? Good to hear the mag arrived safely nd you enjoyed it.


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