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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lois on the Loose!

Well you'll never guess what!!!  Lois on the Loose is going to be loose in Scotland - Aberdeenshire to be more precise!!!  If you don't know who I'm on about, have a look at her website

She pre-dated the silly excuse for an 'adventure' by whatsisname and thingy, with their medics, fixers, support crew, back up team and so on, and in 2003 Lois chucked in her job, loaded up her 225cc Serrow trail bike and set off to ride the entire length of America, from Alaska (what did she say?) to Argentina, some 20,000miles.  If you haven't read the book then go and buy it, cos you'll love it.  There have been further trips since the Americas, all of which you can read about on her site.

So we look forward to welcoming Lois to the Grampian Classic MCC meeting in December, which is open to Club members only - but if you'd like to join our lovely club then visit our Facebook page or for details on how to join.


Hairy Larry said...

Gotta admire peeps that are brave like that. Want to do some distance touring myself someday.
Over at 'Gino's Travels' Gino and Fioana are getting ready to take off for a year on their little BMW's on a tour of South and North America.

Mrs BC said...

That's fantastic news! I'm also wondering how our friends over in the USA are coping with the terrible weather just now. Hopefully none of you are caught up in the worst of it. We're thinking of you, guys!

Bodger said...

We're HL, Darrell and myself are away from all tht nonsense, especially HL and me.

I'd read a little of Lois' exploits here an there and as GBC said, she did it before Whatshisname and Thingy and without the entourage, so my flat cap (and Yes, I do have one!)is off to her on that AND any others that she did that I'd forgotten about.

Stuart said...

I hadn't heard of Lois,but after visiting her website I must say I am most impressed. I must put her books on my list for Santa!
As Bodger says, flat 'ats off to her! (but not for long,coz it's a bit cold now for my crinkley cranium ;-) )

Mrs BC said...

Well, glad to hear you're all o.k lads. as you can tell my geography is c----p. I'm gonna put a flat 'at on my list for santa. And I want one that fits this time!

Hairy Larry said...

That should have been Gino and Fiona...not Fioana.
Have only experienced Gale force winds a few times. A couple of Typhoons when I was living in Japan. And once in California when I was blown off a freeway on my CB-350.
Read this morning that the US death toll had risen to 109. A lot of people still without power and stuck in their homes...pretty devastating storm.

Mrs BC said...

It certainly was. Seeing a very modern country experiencing such devastion with buildings torn down and flooding, loss of power etc., is very sobering. A mammoth task for whoever gets the job on Tuesday!

Darrell said...

I'm going to have to look up her books. I think I'd like to take one or two trips like that.
Seems like you went a long way 'round to not say the other folks names, though.


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