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Monday, 21 May 2012

An(other) Announcement.

I really can't be doing with this new Blogger software. Can't upload pics, can't see them when I do and can't sort the layout properly, all because I won't be bullied into making Googley Chromey my main browser. To ease the pain and difficulty of keeping two blogs running, what I've decided to do is to keep as the front page to the online home of the only magazine you'll need for all things Cub and Terrier. That page will be used for notifications of where you can meet The Cub Mag team, how to get your paws on a mag, and any news of what we're up to in relation to promotions, advertising, sponsors and special offers. This Gorgeous Biker Chick blog will carry on being my own personal blog with tales of all things that happen at Cubbie Towers - both bike and sheep stuff, travels, events and shows and VMCC Area Rep tales, plus full reports on activities that running The Cub Mag gets me involved in. First though, we need to have a little catch up....the Launch of The Cub Mag, complete with pics, is coming right up....


Bodger said...

So it's not just the layout and I'm not the onlly one. Hairy larry wasn't to excited with this "new and improved" Blogger set up.

It took for ages to load pics onto new postings, time I really didn't have. But I'll press on....if Blogger actaully reads our stuff, they MAY (but doubt it) chnage things back to an easier way.

BTW, the Cub mag shirt was paraded round the New Ulm Rally and even in a pic of a BSA!

MrsBC said...

Excellent on all counts, not happy that you're having trouble with the new set up, but glad it's not just GBC. Why do people think change for the sake of it is good, doesn't it have to be improved to have a reason?


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