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Friday, 30 December 2011

What did you get? C'mon, share it, tell us!

Well I was one lucky girl this year, receiving 2 pairs of wonderfully warm and cosy boots, some gloves (which always come in handy, boom boom), a rather brilliant hat and scarf hand made by a friend of Mrs BC, which isn't my usual style at all, but there's just something about it that I love. A joint pressie for Cubbie Towers came in the form of a DVD recorder, but we've now discovered that we have to watch the same channel as we're recording, which rather negates the whole point of finally having a DVD recorder. I'm wondering if it's because it also contains all the Freeview gizmos which we previously had to use the set top box for, and if there is a way of hooking up the old set top box as well as the DVD recorder, so that two different channels can be received at the same time. Mrs BC has gone all technical, with a DAB radio and wait for of those MP3 player thingies! Somehow, Santa managed to fit a hammer drill down the chimney, along with a helmet cam - you just wait for some new 'Cubbie / Terry Tours Scotland' videos. Two other pressies that will aid in the filming process are a natty new neck tube that turns into a hat, and, yes, wait for it, an upside down map. I mean, please? An upside down map? I'm a girl, don't people know girls can read maps the right way up! Tis a bit funny though, finding the south coast of England where the north coast of Scotland should be, and all the place names the right way up. So, what did you get?

Go on, click on the map pic and see for yourself, weird!!!


Bodger said...

An upside-down map? Please post a pic of that 'un would yas? I'm dying to see how the the south of England can now be in north Scotland with the names the right way up.

I got's me a nice little wine rack for the sticking of bottles of plonk into, a nice BSSA beanie to keep the noggin warm, and laods of other toys and parts throughout the year where it's Chrimbo at Csa de Bodger year round.

Plus the best of all which I'll let you guess at......correct answers in the usual fashion.

Hairy Larry said...

Got some loot this year. You saw the
new car at my blog. New to me anyway. A new Guitar.I also got a hand knit cap from a friend.Also new shirts and sweaters. I've got a DVD recorder and player I still haven't figured out how to run yet...maybe that should be one of my New Years resolutions.
Speaking of that, Happy New Years!

Stuart said...

I git one of those MI5 player thingies a couple of christmases back, still can't find a shop that sells the little records.

Does the downside-up map mean you have to ride backwards? Can't wait to see the films!

Happy New Year everyone.

Bodger said...

Maybe should've gotten something to help proof-read postings so there wouldn't be so many misspellings!

MrsBC said...

Happy New Year to one and all. I for one couldn't possibly guess what else you got Bodger, and why didn't I know that Larry played the guitar? When you've figured out your DVD recorder, p'raps you'd pass the knowledge on. Ta.

Darrell said...

Just as a matter of curiosity, why an upside down map?

Tritonrat said...

I got a newer lightened crank for the Triton

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oooh, Tritonrat, you're a lucky laddy! Hope it wasn't chucked down the chimminey though.

Darrell, I have a bit of a habit of turning the map upside down when I'm navigating, so this new map means I'll be able to read the place names without turning my head upside down at the same time.

Bodger, a wine rack? For tins of paint and spray cans of chain lube?

C'mon Larry, we're gonna need a tune from you!

Hey Stu, many people would say that Cubbie goes backwards anyway!


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