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Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Day of Rest.

Digger man coming tomorrow to scoop out the base for the shed. Snow also due tomorrow.

Grampian Classic Club Xmas Bash today, ciao.


I didn't see any point in starting a new post about the same subject, so here are a few pics from the digger work today - woke up to a blanket of white stuff everywhere, but the digger man still managed to get his transit van and trailer up the steep hill to Cubbie Towers. He managed a couple of hours work in almost constant snow, then ran out of diesel! So he nipped off home and will be back tomorrow to finish the job. If only I hadn't given my spare can to the hay delivery chappie on Friday.

The calm before the digger.................................First to go was the Woolly Willow

Which was so huge it had to be chopped in half for re-planting. Followed by two birch trees and a conifer.

Nice, dark top soil, handy for the garden............then down to the very stoney, sandy stuff. Would have taken more than a couple of hours to get to this stage with a shovel and pick.

And finally, some frozen woolly faces.


Bodger said...

Save us some Christmassy fruit cake and get in some pics of snow...some of us miss those!!!!

Hairy Larry said...

Brrrrrrrrr! Looking like winter now. This will be interesting to watch as it goes up.


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