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Friday, 8 July 2011

The 3rd Plus1.

Well that's the route taken care of - well, for the time being. Mrs BC and I went round plotting the main route with Captain Bill last week, now it's in his capable hands to be drawn out all nicely and neatly, ready for testing, then altering if needs be, then its back over to Cubbie Towers for printing on waterproof paper with waterproof ink (huh, you'll be lucky, a plakky bag is your best bet) and getting ready for the rider packs. The evening meals are taken care of, the lunch stops planned, the weather booked (can't be worse than last year....oh please....don't let it be worse than torrential rain and flooding...), the entries so far are all spread-sheeted in alphabetical order, colour coded and arranged in my own mad method, so if you really want to annoy me, best get your entry in ASAP so that I'll have to re-arrange the lists! Oh, yes, make it very soon cos the closing date is the 15th of July, so chop chop!

Off to Glamis tomorrow, see you there?

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