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Friday, 8 April 2011

Confession time.

You know me, I'm fairly up front about things, so I feel the need to confess about a small departure from the chocolate free path I've been on since the beginning of Lent, which was many, MANY days ago. But what could I do? I was at work yesterday afternoon, and this particular job involved interviewing an elderly couple. Well, tradition in the north east of Scotland is that when someone is offered a cup of tea (or in my case, a glass of cloudy lemonade) and they accept, then alongside the drink goes a plate full, and I'm not kidding, FULL of biscuits, cakes and various other sweet things. In this case, every item on the plate had chocolate on or in it, and it would have been considered very rude and improper of me to refuse, so I opted for the coconut biscuit topped with dark chocolate. I only had one though. And I have confessed. So now I feel better. Only 15 days to go...

By the way, this is nothing to do with chocolate or confessions, but I'm fair chuffed, as they say, to have 27 'followers' who are bold enough to click the 'follow' button and have their little piccy / name added to the bottom of this page. However, I think there are probably one or two more of you out there who could be brave and click the 'follow' button and get the list up to 30 at least. Waddya say? C'mon, please?

***Wow, thank you guys 'n' girls, that it up to 30...I suppose 35 is too much to ask...?**


Anonymous said...


Confess to the most heinous of crimes and make us feel sympathy for you and then try to inveigle us into your web of intrigue.


ng :) :) :)

U N said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. After all, if the chocolate's Fairtrade, then it doesn't count!


Stuart said...

29...and counting.

Mrs BC said...

Gosh, U N, if I'd known that, I could have given up chocolate for lent!

The Chief Bodger said...

Sounds like a new member for Choc-aholics!


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