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Sunday, 2 May 2010

VMCC Relay Rally.

Well that's Cubbie all oiled, fed and watered. I put the bike outside to work on, seeing as someone had put a load more junk in The Shed and there was hardly room to swing a spanner. Topped up the gearbox oil - not bad, only took 50ml, bunged 100ml in the primary chain case and a slurp-glug into the main oil tank. Went round all the nuts and bolts and all were nice and tight, apart from those on the carby that seemed a little on the slack side. Left all the tools strewn across the drive and came in for a sausage sarnie. Just as I was going back out, down came the hail stones! So now all the spanners in my Cubbie Tool Pack are wet and will go even more rusty, and the seat is wet too. Should have been away at 9am but my travelling companion for the day, Mr Slick, just got in touch to say he's been delayed, which gives me time to find my thermals and winter gloves. Anyone else out there partaking of the relay rally today? Send me some pics know the address... cubbies counties AT aultan . com
Have a nice (dry) day.

PS, thanks to those who are trying to leave a comment on here, there seems to be some internal problem with the system. Or maybe it's a plan to do away with all GBC's followers. Well, I don't mean 'do away with' in that sense, oh heck, you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

So the spanners will soon blend in with Cubbie ;-) ..


Lindsay said...


Good write up and pics Kawa.

The Chief Bodger said...

Aye, I see what you mean about the postings. The box of wires isa cting up and playing the fool with the sign on thingy.

So how'd Cubbie do on the Relay Rally? The weather didn't sound to be that good if you had some hail.

slick said...

Just a test to see if I can post, Vic.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Readin' you loud and clear Slick.

Wotcha Linds, didn't know you were back.

Rusty spanners....rusty Cubbie....least it starts first kick ;-)

Full report on relay rally coming up in a new post. Crikey, sometimes I can't keep up with me.


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