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Thursday, 20 May 2010

I've met Ivan.

Well what a day. Out for a business lunch (VMCC duty calls), south to Banchory to collect the digi projector and kit from Shorty's Central Section, back up to Inverurie to get a bit of shopping for the weekend, get a phone call to say Ivan is in the area and wants to see me. Head off there and meet Ivan, Grahame and Joy, three very nice people. Get to sit and chat with them about the ROARER, WHIFFLING CLARA and all the other weird and wonderful bikes in the Rhodes garage, plus hear tales about all the old racers and the things that went on in those days. Wow. Wow. Wow. Can't wait til Saturday.


The Chief Bodger said...

Wish I was there :( Ah well, I know that there'll be plenty of pics frm either you or Kawa to feast upon.

Enjoy today and tomorrow one and all.

kawa said...

Not wishing to rub it in Tim, but I've just been up to see Ivan again this time up at Glamis, and what a turn out, not a free space in the room



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