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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

RIP Ringo.

Poor old Ringo, one of our rescue collies had to be put to sleep last week after an ongoing illness that wasn't really very well diagnosed. Turns out he had a huge tumour growing in his stomach and various other ailments that he just wasn't going to recover from without a lot of intrusive and stressful treatment. We only had him for two years but I'm sure his quality of life was much better than it had been for the previous ten years after his owner ran him over with his tractor and didn't bother to provide any treatment or pain relief. His little pal Star, who had lived with Ringo all his life missed him terribly for the first few days, but now he seems to be getting on with life. Finn the sheep dog hasn't really noticed that anything has changed - probably because he and Ringo weren't exactly best buddies.

In other news, I'm glad that Graham B's top tip went down well, there will be more to come over the next few months.

Also, there's a boat bound for Aberdeen (from Shetland) with my Xmas pressie tucked away down in the hull. All being well it should arrive early tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to collect it until Friday morning...ok, you've got 3 guesses...go for it...don't tell them what it is Kawa, or you won't be allowed to fix the car headlights!


kawa said...

Was really sorry to hear about Ringo, he was a nice old chap in his own way.

GBC would I say a word about the the wee ankle nipper thats coming doon from Sheltie.. would I dare....8-)


lclark said...

HairyLarry says... Sorry to hear about Ringo, what a tough fella,run over by a tractor!!
When we were kids my brother and sister and I had 2 kitties we named Ringo and Paula-right about the time of the Beatles coming to America...hadn't thought about it in years...RIP big fella.

Anonymous said...

GBC, so sorry to hear about Ringo's passing. It's hard to lose a pet, especially a dog. From the sounds of it he had a better life with you for two years than he previously did.

Border Collies are wonderful, loving dogs from what I see. I've got one that's part German Shepard and looks like part Collie and she's a real sweetie, as I'm sure Ringo was.


Anonymous said...

Dont look in very often as you know, as not really into bikes. But so sorry to hear about your dog you must be very sad.

Mrs. B.C. said...

Thanks for all your kind words, people, really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Ringo. It's tough when we lose a friend however many legs they have.

It's my guess that your new arrival from Shetland is a rescued Tiger Cub or similar.

Stuart :-)

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Thanks for all the Ringo comments, he was a lovely old dog and will be missed - gonna have to get a pic of him in our Mutley Hall of Fame now.

Ringo and Paula, haha, love it!

Gonna have to have a piccy of your dog Tim. Send it to the cubbies counties email addy please!

Ankle nipper, hmmm, just been informed that's code for a wee sprog, yuk, no thanks!

Oh soooo close this space...

redhunter said...

Sorry to here about Ringo.

Have you found a tiger lerking up here?

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll see if I can find one.:)



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