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Friday, 25 December 2009

Cubbie's Alternative Crimbo Message

I was going to write a funny chucklesome alternative Crimbo message for you, but we've just got back from a hearty stroll down the lane to check on the sheep that we should have had back on the farm by now. It took twice as long as planned due to not being able to walk on the sheets on solid ice. And boy, it makes your legs hurt too. Well, probably not your legs, but mine are certainly sore. So there ain't no alternative speech, and even if there was, well, it's late... So what did you get from Santa? Cubbie got a new Burlen battery, one of those solid ones, with two terminals on, hopefully one won't fall off just yet... Mrs BC got me a new radio alarm hopefully I won't be late for meetings (maybe), and some cosy warm gloves and socks, oh and a pair of warm slipper thingies which will come in handy (although strictly, I guess I should put them on my feet and not on my handys) because the heater in the hall as stopped working. I got Mrs BC something that I can't tell you about yet, because it's sitting in a depot in Aberdeen, and has been since the snowed started, and to tell you what it is would kind of give the game away. At least the other pressie was something of my own making, so no delays on that one - t'was a nice photograph of Ringo in a hand made frame. Also, a mystery pressie landed for GBC a couple of days ago from a blog reader - a tee shirt with a rather appropriate slogan to do with chocolate on it...thanks for that, and I didn't open it until this morning. Oooooh and from someone to whom I shall refer as GB, a very handy little book about saving money...oooh if only I had any money to save! Thank you.

Right, hope you like the festive piccie of Cubbie, please leave a comment and tell me what was under the tree in your house...I'm gonna pop pop pop off and have a late lunch. Hope y'all had a nice day.

Ok, just decided to stick a few wintry pictures on here, seeing as I won't be able to enter the Winter Photo Competition when it opens...


The Chief Bodger said...

Merry Chrimbo Day GBC and Mrs BC; hope it's not to cold out today! Got myself a nice sculpture/model of a Triumph Bonneville from the looks of it and a book on Triumphs from my Mom in the Midlands. Bought myself a BSA B44VS motor the other day. Now just need to get the frame.

Also got some 'puter gadgets to hook up to the laptop.

Will go back out and check over the BSA motor some later on.

Enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

Can't help but shiver looking at those latest photos. Wrap up warm up there.

Bet Cubbie and Co are glad to be in that new shed :o)

Happy christmas
Graham B

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hello boys, has been a bit chilly here but nowt worse than the normal winter conditions. Apparently it snowed in Edinburgh so that makes it the worst winter for over 20 years!

Sounds like you got some pukka pressies Tim, what about you Graham?

Anonymous said...

GBC, Cant believe you wrote on your blog on xmas day (dont you have loads to do)

Anonymous said...

What was your T shirt slogan sayin aboot chocolate?

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Anon, I'm just sooo dedicated ;-)

Anon2, think it was something to do with men as well as chocolate...

john said...

hahahahaha the music was a lovely surprise ..... :)

Happy Christmas


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