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Saturday, 21 November 2009

VMCC trips.

No sooner had I got back from Shetland, recovered from mild piggy flu, been back to work for a few days, then it was time to head to Dalserf (somewhere south of Glasgow) for the AGM of the Clyde Valley VMCC Section. This went well, I stayed with Paul and Lenora and Davy Crockett. Must say, Lenora makes a fine lasagne. Many thanks to them for their hospitality. The AGM went well, and it was good to meet all those from one of the more southerly sections - especially Gordon who keeps sheep, and rode in the Beamish Trial this year, and is looking for more of us from Scotland to pop down to it next year. Apparently, they're all looking forward to my next visit, in the new year, which will be a talk or perhaps even a video presentation about sheep. You see the sheep theme here?

A couple of days after the AGM, it was time to head south again to the VMCC HQ in Burton Upon Trent. Up at 4am on Friday 13th and along to the airport. They've changed the parking arrangements! I nearly got lost. Had to take the van as the indicators on the car had decided to pack up, and only noticed as I walked past, that Mrs BC had somehow collected a huge chuck of scenery on the tow bar. Cute. Decided to leave it. All those fancy posh motors in the car park, do them good to have a real work horse parked next to them. Could have sworn I spotted Roy Cameron, he of my local and most favourite garage, Cameron Motors, but assumed it couldn't be him. Too much of a coincidence to see someone you know at the airport at that time of the day.

The flight, although delayed somewhat, was fine apart from the gentleman sitting next to me a) kept sniffling and coughing and b) kept putting his elbow on my side of the arm rest, oh and it was too hot for my liking and because of chummy taking up one and half seats, I couldn't get the full benefit of the air con. Had a few hours to spare once at Birmingham so had a wander round the NEC. No one told me there was a huge classic motor show there. A combination of the mile long queues at every entrance and the £25 entry fee put me off going in, as I didn't really have time to do it justice. One of the security chaps told me there were only about half a dozen bikes anyway, so another reason not to waste my £25.

Tried to get on three wrong trains to get over to Burton. Why do they have to keep changing platforms? Is it just to confuse me? Managed to find the right one, and ended up sitting next a chap who kept grunting. They're an odd bunch down that way. Arrived at HQ with loads of time to spare, which was good as it gave me time to have a look round and a chat with various people. The Scottish Training Day was a popular subject amongst the other Committee members, and they want to know what bikes we've got, where it will be, how the plans are coming along and the date. Did I mention the date? Of course I did, it's SUNDAY 23rd MAY 2010 at the GRAMPIAN TRANSPORT MUSEUM in ALFORD. I'm still looking for bikes by the way, if you have a pre1930 hand change, lever throttle type of machine and you want to help introduce other people to the delights of these oldies, then give me a shout. And we'll need some marshals on the day, so if you fancy getting involved, joining in the craic and getting to meet not only the President of the VMCC, Colin Seaton, but the Chairman Kim Allen too, then stick your name down to help out. Contact me at cubbiescounties AT but change the AT to @.

It would seem the mid morning flights from Birmingham to Aberdeen are quite popular, and I couldn't get a seat on any for the following day, so to get home, I had to go on a little bit of a tour. First a train from Burton to Leicester, then change to the London train and get off at Luton Parkway, hop on the free bus (I think it was free, although I didn't book my flight through a certain website, so it might not have been free for me, although no one asked for any money, so technically, it was free) for a transfer over to Luton airport and a flight home. Apart from the lady in front of me making use of the little paper bag tucked into the seat pocket, the journey north was much better - three seats to myself and full access to three cool air blowers.

Well, I'm glad the travelling is over for a while, it probably doesn't sound like much to you, but all that packing and unpacking, and remembering to work in between makes life a little more hectic than usual. Since I've been back, we've caught both the rams and applied the raddle to them (loads of brightly coloured gooey stuff, go google 'sheep raddle') and put them in their fields with a selection of ewes, the fencers are still here, well, not living here, but visiting when they feel like it and have finished the top field and will move onto the veggie garden next week, depending on the weather, oh, and I've re-done my nails. So my apologies to all who are waiting for an email reply or a phone call, I'll catch up with you soon. Meanwhile, it's time to batten down the hatches and get through this next nasty batch of wind and rain. Hope none of you are caught up in the floods.

PS gotta say a BIG welcome to Redhunter from 'way up north', perhaps that could be Shetland...who knows....and what about a BIG welcome to all those who just pop in every now and then, just for a read. Why not sign up and follow the blog, or at least leave a comment sometimes, we're not that scary.....are we?


Anonymous said...

Oi! G.B.C. We're not all odd down this way you know.....sniff, sniff,cough, grunt, grunt....

Stuart ;-}

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oh Stu, you know I didn't mean you! Unless you were on a train to Burton on that particular day and ended up sitting next to THE Gorgeous Biker Chick and found yourself unable to utter anything other than a grunt or three...

Anonymous said...

If I had found myself on a train sitting next to THE Gorgeous Biker Chick I am sure I would have been rendered speechless. Totally dumbfounded, I would have hiden my red face within the pages of O.B.M
But on returning home I would have told everyone how I had been chatting to THE G.B.C. about bikes and sheeps and Cubbies.
G.B.C. however would return to write on her blog about a strange little bald bloke with a face like a beetroot hiding in a newspaper!

Stuart 8-(


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