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Friday, 27 November 2009

BigBob's Day Out

On October the 4th The Virginia British Motorcycle Club held it's annual Rally at a new site in Manassas, Va. T'was a beautiful day to bring the British Iron out with new Hinckleys almost equaling the Meriden Trumpets in number. Other Brits and European bikes rounded out the entrants along with the odd XS650. Vendors inhabited the road ringing the display field along with the caterer for this Chat & Chew event.
Words and pics by BigBob from New Jersey, USA.

Looks like a familiar title in the pile of books in that last photo...Graham B, you're an international author!
Got about the same amount of pics again, so will split this post up and pop them up later, so keep your eyes peeled for BigBob's Day Out Part II.


John said...

At least they got the sun there !!!!!

some strange looking bits of kit there :) but defo well presented ....



Mrs. B.C. said...

That'll be Big Bob's Haggis run then. Great pix. You must be very tall, Bob!
And, why do I have to log in to see the Indian Rally thingy, when I can watch other U tube stuff just by going on to U tube?

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

I dunno Mrs BC, you can watch it on my pooter if you wish.

John! Where you been min? Have you seen the Indian video in the post below this one?

kawa said...

Some nice looking bikes there Bob, like the look of the Flat Tracker Triumphs, but the BSA are a lot nicer ;-)


Anonymous said...

Nice words and pics Big Bob, I am in touch with a couple of guys over there Frank in Bristol and Joe at vintagecosmo.
Mrs G.B.C. I was thinking the same aboot the Youtube thing, but thought I maybe had too much O.V.D.
Has she got the hot water sorted ? I gave her full instructions so dont let her tell u she dont know how.
Another thing, do u 2 know u are using up vital energy by emailing each other when u could open the door and shout.

The Chief Bodger said...

Some interesting bikes there Bob, was one of those of a A50 or A 65 chopper? Nice flat trackers as well.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

NOOOOO Slick, haven't sorted the hot water yet, had to do this thing called work, it's a pain sometimes, really mucks my day up. Still, I've got tomorrow off so hope to het round to it then. It's too cold to open the door and shout!

Mrs. B.C. said...

I know, Slick, but just think how much planet saving we do by hardly ever throwing anything away, unless we really can't use it, or burn it!! And, it's nearly always me who has to take the long walk down the corridor.

Anonymous said...

Great photos BigBob

That A65 cafe racer is grand. Lovely chunky brute of a thing :o)

Graham B


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