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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Time for a spring clean.

Right, this place needs a clean out. I'm going to be messing with the layout on here over the next few days, and yes, GLAMIS PICS ARE POSTED - I was going to add a new post for them but in the interests of keeping it tidy, you'll have to scroll down to the original post to view them.

Just back from the Indian rally at Traquair House, Peebles-shire, got three memory cards full of photos but you know the score, Old Bike Mart gets first call, then this time, I've got to get in touch with someone else who might be interested in some of my work, and then the rest (there should be plenty left) can be posted on here.

1 comment:

Darrell said...

Indians, Indians everywhere. How popular is the make over there?


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