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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Plus1 Plans.

Right, enough! Let's get back to work. Don't you just hate waiting? I've been waiting since last August to get this *NEW* Plus1 event off the ground, and there's only so much one can do a year in advance. So now we've got three and a bit weeks left, and there's loads to do. Today, Captain Bill and I are going to go and check the route. I reckon it should be a good run and hopefully it will be suitable for the wide variety of bikes that are entered - everything from a 1925 1000cc Royal Enfield to a Bantam to a Triumph Bonnie. (What do I mean "hopefully"? Of course it will be!). The weather isn't particularly nice; the other day, I was driving back from Blairgowrie, via Banchory, before heading up to Fraserburgh on the coast, and the temp was 22degrees in Banchory. Then, the big black clouds burst, it wasn't safe to drive at anything more than about 30mph, and the temperature dropped to 12degrees. Today isn't quite so bad, it's looking a bit cold, wet and windy out there - but who cares, we'll be in the car! And I'm thinking we'll probably have to check out the tea room that we're going to recommend the riders stop at...


Anonymous said...

Slick`s home, Watch out.

Anonymous said...

It's all gone very quiet G.B.C.
I think Darrel's Road Trip must have rendered everyone speechless!
Let's hope the weather improves for the Plus One, there has ben a lot of rain down here in the land of the Engles too over the past week, butI have been enjoying beautiful sunshine on the white beaches of Barra. Maybe it will come your way.
The Western Isles, now there's some good roads for a Cubbie!

Stuart :-)


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