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Monday, 20 April 2009

Shed News.

At last, I've made some progress on the Shed. I wouldn't say that it's anywhere near being built yet, but I've taken a step in the right direction. I've cut it in half. I know, I know, but what's a girl to do? Mrs BC and I can hardly lift the two end panels between us, let alone the 15ft long side ones (are they 15ft? I think so, or close to that measurement) so I took my saw and I cut the long one without doors and windows, in half. And what a fine job I made of it too, even though I do say so myself. This task, I completed today, and on Saturday I creosoted 3/4 of the panels and a few other bits and bobs. What a pong. Now I just need to find the bolts I bought several months ago and we're off.

Yesterday was the annual trip to Perth for the autojumble hosted by the Central Scotland section of the VMCC. Weather was cracking, Shorty reported a good turn out, and I missed all the Cubbie bits - although I was tempted by a whole Cubbie - very smart it was, black and silver, a snip at £1750. No racing 'bars on it though. Bumped into Harry - Glider Man, talked about plans for Fife so will keep you posted on that one. We came back over the Cairn O' Mount, lovely view from up top. No place for a car with a blown exhaust though.

Ooooh yers, it was like Christmas here the other day. I opened the "Cubbie seat sized parcel" of Cub bits from Bantam Cub. This is my next project - after I've built Mrs BC's sidecar and got the Bultaco running, oh and returned my MZ Skorp back to road going status... Anyway, what do you think was in the parcel? How about some heavy duty forks, shocks, lightweight mudguards, gaiters, levers, a couple of speedo-looking-clocks, a spare barrel and a couple of bits that I couldn't put a name to. No idea if they are part of a bike or perhaps a tool of some kind. Answers in a comment please.

PS are you fed up with the Coventry slide show yet?


Anonymous said...

The 'unidentified objects' are aftermarket headlight mounts. This will allow you to remove the headlight nacelle and fit a 'bowl' type headlight. Very popular thing to do in the sixties, as it made your bike go faster. (Didn't it?) Do I win a prize?


John said...

Now thats stuff we've been waiting all year to hear about ..... SHED NEWS !!!!!!!!!!

anyway, well done for making so much progress .... btw them bits you circled are headlight brackets .... if I'm not mistaken.

1750 for a runner ... hmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

You had better leave the porridge alone and get some spinach down you if you're going to lift those shed panels!

The chrome "toolie things" you have circled are headlight brackets for the big chrome lamp you will fit when the rearsets arrive.
Triton owners stand aside, here comes SUPERCUBBIE!!!


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Cor blimey, 3 answers and all saying the same thing. I can't see how those things will enable a headlight to be fitted, but if that's what you say they're for, then I gotta go with it.

Sorry U N, no prizes this time.

Anonymous said...

Chrome headlight...rear you just need clip-on 'bars and a reverse cone mega for the zorst.....hee, hee!

Willie Eckerslyke

Anonymous said...

I like the sidecar idea for Mrs B.C.
I have seen a red Tiger Cub Combination on T.V. It belongs to a famous inventor from Lancashire, a chap with a big white dog!

Stuart ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you look at:|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318
you'll see how the headlight brackets fit. The forks go through the round bits and the headlight bolts to the flat bits (technical terms!)
1750 for a Cubbie!!!! Are you sure it wasn't priced in Zimbabwe dollars? What else could you buy for £1750? How about 3 MZ Skorpions? Or for £250 less, an immaculate 9 year old Fireblade (as a friend of mine did). 1750 for a Cubbie isn't a joke, it's an insult. Are you sure the seller didn't have some magic beans as well?
Meanwhile, like the groovy green forks. Are you going to paint your nails to match?


Anonymous said...

Or if you want a Triumph, why not just spend £50 more?|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318

Still think the Cubbie was a snip?


Anonymous said...

I can't see how those things will enable a headlight to be fitted, but if that's what you say they're for, then I gotta go with it.

The roundy part slides over the fork tube when the forktube is slid down in the triple tree to expose the top of the fork tube...after you remove the nacelle


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Triple tree? I was with you up until that point Bob! Good to hear from you again.

You got one of those reverse cone mega things for your Cub Willie?

Mebbes the guy priced his Cub at £1750 'cos he didn't really want to sell it....mebbes he said to his wife he'd take it along and try to get rid of it...but when the time came, mebbes he couldn't bring himself to see the Cub go....good man ;-)

Hehe, John, calm down, it's only a shed...but is quite exciting that the end of Project Shed might be in sight...

Anonymous said...

Sure thing Chick, the mega makes him sound like a Manx Norton, but will he go any faster?.....Willie Eckerslyke

bantam cub said...

Cubs are very under priced. Parts are just as expesive as those for bigger bikes (often over-priced), but complete, running cubs are a lot cheaper than their bigger brothers. Not a big incentive to spend time and effort on them. Great value if you want to buy one though.

Anonymous said...

Triple tree is the american phrase for the top and bottom yoke....



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