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Friday, 24 April 2009

It worked.

Well I'm surprised. After the 'grungy' cable episode in the Lothians, I decided to make an effort to lube Cubbie's cables properly. I confess, up until today, all I've done is squirt some WD40 down them and hoped for the best. I carried out a little bitta research on and on the best way to oil one's cables, and decided that I wasn't going to buy a fancy hydraulic cable oiler for a tenner, I was going to do it the DIY way - make a wee funnel from a plastic bottle. It's a right fiddle trying to get the springy plastic a good tight fit around the cable but with help from Mrs BC, I finally got it taped to the clutch cable and filled it with oil. Asda / 3-in-1 oil. A few hours later and I'm surprised to find the oil has gone - and it hasn't been leaking 'cos there's no oil running down the outside of the cable, so I can only assume that it's worked. Will set it up on the throttle cable tomorrow.

Between us, we finished some weed removal and planted 3 rows of tatties today, some Jersey Royal and Vivaldi, killed my back and my knee, and there are hundreds more to go. Have to finish the digging the other bit of ground first though. Doesn't look like I'll be going to the Spring Surprise hosted by the Scottish Classic club on Sunday; things to do here, and work in the afternoon.

The gliding is off too. Heavy rain and a generally miserable forecast for Tuesday.

Gotta go, cats to worm. Sleep tight.

Here you go Kwak, my copyrighted / patented cable oiling system.


Anonymous said...

So wheres the pics of the GBC cable oiler so we can all make one.

Well better get going, heading oot for a wee run while the suns oot.


Anonymous said...

"my copyrighted / patented cable oiling system"

some how I thought you would do that, lol

Noticed your planting "diet" tatties who they for?


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...'re gonna have to explain that one....

Anonymous said...

Vivaldi is a Second Early variety producing oval tubers with yellow skin and pale yellow flesh and which are resistant to scab. As well as being known as ‘weight watcher’s potato’ it is also referred to as the ‘butterless baker’ as its creamy texture and flavour mean that as a baked potato, it does not even needed butter to improve its flavour! It is however good boiled, roasted, baked or mashed.

as seen on Wikipedia,but had read about them sometime in the past


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Ah yes, I see what you mean now!
Got more of the blimmin' things to plant today.

Mrs. B.C. said...

I do remember seeing that when I bought them, but disregarded it. We always put butter on potatoes no matter how good they taste, unless we've got gravy of course. Even we're not greedy enough to have both.......


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