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Sunday, 21 September 2008


Well you lot are quiet. I go to all the trouble of decorating and you don't even mention it. Do you like the new colour scheme? You're not ALL colour blind, are you?

Busy weekend....burst water pipe in the kitchen....emergency phone call to good old Vic late on a Friday night.....bless him....half way through his rum too......turned all the water off but still it kept leaking....had to wait til it had emptied the entire contents of the water tank in the loft....Saturday morning rushed up to Vic's place to collect a compressing olive or summat.....managed to fit it with no big dramas and turned the water back on.....

Caught the sheeps up today to do feet and worming duties.....the sheep pup did ok, although had to have him on the lead for training purposes....then one of the ewes caught her horn on the fence and ripped it off.....resulting in blood all over her face....she seems ok, not bleeding too much and have managed to keep her isolated and calm since then.....

Monica the peahen from next door has taken up residence in the steading....ABOVE Cubbie and all my tools ain't nice....oh talking of Cubbie....took the alternator in to my local auto electrical place....only to be told its called a coil...well says I, whats the thing that I thought was a coil called then? No answer to that. Finally got the guy to agree to testing it....even though he detests bikes.....turns out there is a reading from 2 wires but not the third....thats kaput then. £50 for a new one.

Plans for the Haggis run are going a lot of entries in and I know there are heaps of people out there who are going to enter, but haven't sent their forms in yet, so please hurry up and do so!!!! Thats the 5th of October.

Thats all for now folks.



Darrell said...

GBC, love what you've done with the place, the colors are great and I can tell you've spent a lot of time and effort on it.
Not being intimately familiar with sheep, is it normal for a ewes horn to just pull off? I wpoould think that would be like having a hand ripped off.
Also, I didn't know Cubbie had an alternator. I thought it was a DC generator only bike. But i am rather undereducated where classic Britich bikes are concerned.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Ahoy there Darrell, good to see you're still reading. Its not exactly 'normal' but does happen, esp if the horn in question is on of thos little hooky ones, just right for getting snagged on the wire fence. She seems fine this morning though.

"But i am rather undereducated where classic Britich bikes are concerned." ME TOO. Hehehe.

bantam cub said...

Great colour scheme GBC!

Glad you got the lecky problem suss'ed... not cheap though, is it?

When you coming down to Lothian area?

Anonymous said...

Plans for the Haggis run are going well....
So how do you get a haggis to run anyway? ;-)


Darrell said...

"Ahoy" GBC? Very nautical aren't we?
And yes I'm still reading. Once upon a time I would visit Scotland every few weeks, and I love the place, so your pictures, and the articles on the bikes are quite fun.
Oh, and your bit about the Nimrod simulator brought back memories of flyng with 120 Squadron.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

"...your bit about the Nimrod simulator brought back memories of flyng with 120 Squadron." I hope you managed to avoid crashing into bridges! simply tell the haggis that Bigbob is after it! Thanks for hitting the Paypal button ;-)

Thank you BC. this rate it could easy be December!!!

Anonymous said...

A haggis has NOTHING to fear from me...

I'm sure they're delicious but it would have to be an acquired taste for


Oh yes, you've got the place looking spiffy...I'm sure St Andrew would be proud...8-)

Lindsay said...

Bugger me BC, I hit the back key as I thought I was on the wrong site.

Cant make the Haggis run as I'll still be in the sand pit. Save me some leftovers. yum yum haggis.


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