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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Alternator/stator/rotor thingy

You wouldn't believe the difficulty involved in trying to find a suitable replacement stator for Cubbie. First question, do I go 6v and waste my money cos I'm going 12v one day soon, or do I go 12v now, and have to shuck out a whole heap of cash (which would otherwise be spending money for Spain) to change all the other leccy bits, including the wiring loom. So with this on my mind, Grampian Classic club member, Mr P comes up with the answer. Borrow his old 6v one until Cubbie goes off the road in the winter for some serious TLC. Fantabbydosey. So there we are, me and Cubbie, outside in the autumn sunshine, 'new' stator and rotor in one hand, wire cutters and connectors in the other. First hitch is I don't have any bullet connections that match the ones on there, no prob, just put spades on all round. Just about to start hacking bits of wire up, when I have brainwave. Fit the thing in place first...just to make sure....drat and doesn't fit. It's too big. Good job no wires were cut. Other lines of investigation reveal that if I buy a brand spanking new 3 wire stator and rotor, then it will operate as 6v with my present set up, and when I need to upgrade to 12v, it will cope with that too. Sounds like the answer, but thats over £100 (which would have to come out of my spending money for Spain), and Mrs BC says is Cubbie worth that much? Pah! A chat with Robbo and he informs me of a place called Westcountry Windings who can re-wind even the encapsulated stators....but I'll have to get a price from them... Another option is the Cub spares place who have a second hand one which they'll test for me, and its around £35 for just the stator. Well I could buy a new 6v one for £45... Hopefully one of my Blogger faithfuls has the solution, but we'll have to wait and see what arrives from the States before I go getting all excited about that one.

So there y'are, you'd think you could just go and buy a replacement and it'd be simple. I'm missing Cubbie. And most of all, I'm counting the number of weekends left in the year! Just about to update the total raised and add some new info about a corporate sponsor....

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When is the Spain trip?



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