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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Timmy "Twister" Hastings

Cor blimey, theres so much going on at the moment you'll have to be quick to keep up with the blog. A while ago, the Grampian Classic club had a talk from a young lad called Timmy Hastings. I'd heard of him through one of the web forums I'm on,, and persuaded him and his dad to come up and give us a talk. T'was most entertaining and the guys in the club said they'd like to sponsor him. Well in return for our donation, Timmy said he would display our logo on his bike - - - - - see the pic, people! Ain't that just great! I mean, The Twister is a real racer, fighting it out in the British GP125 championship, currently sitting in 3rd place...and...also in 1st place in the GP125 Academy Cup, and here he is, featuring our GCMCC logo! Hey, you might have seen him on TV too, he came 3rd at Knockhill last weekend and I think the race was on one of the many hundreds of Sky channels. Wanna know more about the little lad? Visit his website at

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