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Sunday, 31 August 2008


Just heard that "Strictly" is back on our screens. No one asked me if I wanted to be in it. Not fair. Oh well, I'll just have to carry on riding my motorbike.

No biking this weekend. Missed the Duff House 'do' 'cos a) the forecast was bad and b) the Moto GP was on, and I've missed the last two races. Go ROSSSSSSSI!!!!!

So I set about fixing the sound on my computer. It helped a little bit when I plugged the speakers into the right socket. In the process of doing so, I found the following items under the keyboard.

6 pens
1 pencil
2 rolls of sticky tape
1 spanner
3 cherry stones
2 date stones
3 peach stones
1 photo of ma wee doggy, Jen
1 memory card (wondered where that had got to)
1 tape measure
2 packs of ear plugs
1 clutch cable adjuster thingy
6 paper clips
a couple of bank statements and letters
1 bulb, possibly for the MZ headlamp
1 pair of pliers
feeler gauge/s
RAC card from work - handy, probably be handier if it was in the car though
My watch
and an Aberdeen street map.
1 rocker box gasket (Cubbie's I think)

What did you find on your desk? Come on, I want to know. Drop me a line and tell me.

After that I starting compiling a Cubbie's Counties video - its looking good people! Got some cracking backing music and loads of super pics - Darrell, if you liked the pics in CBG you'll love this. Guess I'd better hurry up and finish the counties before I get too carried away with half a video.

Major bikey event next Sunday though....getting Cubbie all polished for the Motorcycle Convention at Alford....oohhh...wonder if we'll win a prize....hahaha....I think not!

PS WELL DONE TO JOHN and his Black Flag Racing team (most of whom can be found at for their win at Cadwell, and for clinching the Senior Endurance 600cc National Championship 2008 - with two rounds to spare. That'll be champers all round then.

1 comment:

Bantam Cub said...

How big is your keyboard?!?

You must have had to stand on tip-toe to type :-)


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