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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I'd like to welcome Diamond Insurance on board as the main sponsor for my charity challenge.

You can visit their website at and I'll have a bit more info about their involvement when I return from Scarborough.

In the mean time, thanks to Sue there for sorting things out for me, and a huge thanks to YOU for reading this, we're up to over 11,000 hits now - simply unbelievable!

A quick update on Cubbie for you, still not running well, got my hands on a selection of different size jets and slides so in the 3 hours I have spare before heading south I shall have a fiddle and see if anything makes any difference.


Anonymous said...

you do leave tuning to the last minute, don't you! Still reckon you need a 22mm carb

Biffa at CBG

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Well if anyone has a spare 22mm carby....

Thanks for the comment Boss, wasn't so difficult after all eh!


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