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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Whats on this year?

Well I've been having a think about this year, where to go, what to do. I'd like to go to some of the shows / rallies I haven't been able to get to before, and then of course there's Cubbie's Counties...more on that one later. The Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation produce a handy book each year listing all the car, bike, tractor etc events in Scotland. This won't be released until the beginning of Feb but a few dates have been whispered to me on the grape vine already.

Roll on March when the BIG show at Ingliston takes place, I hope to be exhibiting Cubbie this year, and I might even buy a new pair of summer gloves. Everyone goes on about the cheap prices at these big shows but I can never find anything that I like. By the time April gets here, our 2nd Large Lunch will be the blob on the calendar we're all looking forward to - first proper club ride of the season.
I believe there's also an Autojumble somewhere in Perthshire, might bag a bargain or two, or not. May - Cairn o' Mount - the famous run over the Cairn in guaranteed glorious weather. I might actually get to ride in it, rather than just to it, this year. June - ooh the Shetland show, can't wait to get back there, lovely place 'n' lovely people, got sunburn last time! I've got no dates for anything between then and September when a few of us might head down to the Lake District for a VMCC event, the week before the Grampian Classic MCs inaugural Road Safety Run, and then in October, it looks like I might be off to Spain! I've been toying with the idea of going to the Moto Piston rally and have nearly, almost, 99% decided that I will go this year. Possibly. Fingers crossed.

Well thats the list so far, and when I get my paws on the SVVF book I'll be able to plot the year more fully. Then I've got the GCMCC club events to sort out, lunch runs, evening runs, speakers, weekend trips.....Looks like it will be a busy one again, but heck, gotta do these things before the Gov stops us riding old bikes...

And on that note, ciao for now.

PS, just been outside to make room in the steading for the Cubbie Surgery....and its bleedin' cold! By the time I'd wired the plug for the light, my fingers and toes were just about falling off. Cubby can wait a while longer!

1 comment:

John said...

God girl .... ur dance card is full already ...
Some interesting meets on there, will make an effort maself .....
have a good 2008 GBC



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