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Monday, 20 May 2013

2nd Best In Show!!!

Would you believe it!!  The Scottish Cub Fest won the award for 2nd Best Club Stand at the Lanark bike show!!  Big thanks have to go to Mrs BC for letting us use the garden fence panels, Muckle Flugga Man for helping me carry them and set them up, Scott Connell for bringing a great selection of bikes and making bike stands, and Stu for coming all the way from Doncaster to help on the stand and look after Edward Turner Bear.  Oh, and we mustn't forget all the people who voted for us - thank you very muchly.  Pic and further comment on the show to follow later - as per usual these days, my main computer is rubbish and although I have a Wifi signal on the netbook and the Awesome Fone, and Mrs BC has a connection on her computer, my pooter just doesn't seem to want to play.  If you go on Facebook and look up Gee-Bee Chick you can see some pics there.

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