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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lois was on the Loose in Scotland!!!

Wow!!!  At last, I've met Lois on the Loose - aka Lois Pryce if you want to find her on Facebook.  A couple or more years ago, I tried to arrange a club talk by Lois for the Grampian Classic MCC, but for reasons I can't even remember, it never came to fruition.  Then, at the recent AGM, the Club asked me to arrange some 'interesting' speakers for the winter.  Well, what could I do?  I emailed Lois and set it all up.  And boy, a more interesting speaker you'd be hard pushed to find.  Full of enthusiasm and energy, you can tell Lois does what she does; because she loves it.  What do you mean you don't know what she does?  She rides bikes all over the world.  In 2003 she rode her little 225cc Yamaha Serrow the entire length of the Americas, from Alaska to Argentina (stick it in Google Maps), and that was the subject of her talk last night.  I mean, can you actually imagine crating your bike up, shipping it to the other side of the world, quitting your job, getting the visas, buying a one way ticket and setting off to meet your two wheeled companion, which will be your home, your friend, your family or maybe even your foe, for the next twenty thousand miles?  Just sit and digest that for a minute.  20,000 two wheeled miles.

Anyway, here are a few pics of some of the slides in the talk, and I'll be working on the sneaky video that I took, and hopefully that'll be on Gorgeous Biker Chicks Youtube Channel very soon.....

Apologies if they're not in the right order but I all I did was upload them to the blog in the order I took em - are they right for going from Alaska to Argentina?

Lois brings her talk to an end...
...There were more than 5 in the audience, in fact, it was one of the best turn outs we've seen for a while.
See?  Full house, paying great attention to the lady traveller.

Aahhh, book signings.  Not something I'd know about cos yeah yeah yeah, one day.....
The non-slip plates are a bonus.  Thanks to Anna for the food this month, it seemed to go down very well.
Aahhh, book signings.  Not something I'd know about cos yeah yeah yeah, one day.....

And the gang all wanted a photo with Lois.
Spot the difference.
Club Webmaster Mark gets his paws on the DVD "Achievable Dream; The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide"
I'll get me coat....

Yikes! Is that Father Christmas?
You can find out more about this trip and Lois's other adventures on her website

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