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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cubbie's off the hook!

Phew, that was close. I had removed Cubbie's headlight glass, and started to remove the front mudguard, but only got as far as taking the bolts out of the stays before remembering that due to the poor design of the thing, the whole wheel has to come out first. Then I gave it a break and whilst making enquiries about the bits I would have to buy to convert Cubbie, a road going T20 Tiger Cub, into a mud eating, rock climbing trials machine, I was offered the use of a proper trials Cub. Yippeeee!!

 Now the Bultaco project, that's coming on well. I thought it was about three years ago, but the date on the photos from the engine rebuild tell me that it had a new big end, new crank seals and bearings and new piston rings and a few other bits, all carried out by Captain Bill, five and a half years ago! Blimey. That surely cannot be right. So I wouldn't have been surprised if it had never gone again, after all those years of neglect, but last weekend, the Terrified Terror Test Pilot, aka the Bulto Test Pilot, kindly fitted the new rear tyre that had been in storage in the front room for, um, a few years, whilst complaining bitterly that no way could it be the right size as it just would not go on the rim. I could see his point. When he did finally manage to get it on, he had that heart sinking realisation that he had nipped the tube. Oh darn, was not quite what he said, but luckily Mrs BC and I were administering medical aid to a ram who had cut his ear, so we didn't hear all the colourful words issuing from the shed. Take two, and he got the old tube fitted and the new tyre on successfully. With the wiring sorted and the kill switch fitted again (had a nasty experience once when the throttle stuck open and I was tearing down a tree covered hillside and unable to stop. So I jumped off the bike, very James Bondy, and let it come to a natural halt at the bottom. A friend then fitted a kill switch for me. Which in later years, I 'borrowed' as a dip switch for Cubbie for an MoT, just temporary, like, until I got a proper switch for Cubbie at a show this year) and the next thing we heard was the beautiful sound of a two stroke crackling and snarling, followed by gasping for breath and pleas for a cup of coffee. Bravo. The Bulto is a bit awkward to kick over if you're not used to having the kick start on the left, so we tied the footrest up to the frame to make life easier, and mucked about with the carb for a bit to see if it would fire up a bit more willingly. It starts from hot really well but not so good from cold - perhaps those crank seals have suffered after 6 years of not being used.

 Now that the new front tyre has arrived, along with a replacement front wheel nut (always advisable to fix the wheel on properly) and a new spark plug cap (Cubbie had to donate its one to the cause, so therefore, Cubbie can have the new one!) we should be able to get the Terrified Terror / Equally Terrified Bulto Test Pilot on board for his first ever trials bike riding experience, and then in a couple of weeks its off to the Mick Andrews Trials Training Day....

 PS, is anyone else having trouble with Facebook? I can't get on using my new 'awesome' Galaxy-tip-top-tiddley-pooh-phone, as it says there is not a mobile site available, and when I try to log in on my computer it just tries to sell me advertising. Finally got in through Googling GBC on FB and it seems I don't have a newsfeed page, I've got a wall but can't write anything on it.


Hairy Larry said...

No problems out this way, except all the unwanted stuff that shows up...Noticed someone has been waiting for your reply, steered her to the website.My problem has been re-learning everything here at Blogger-land.

Stuart said...

A close shave for Cubbie, Glad you can now keep the old lad in one piece!

Bodger said...

Good show on getting the Bulto going and sparing Cubbie a terrible fate. Pics of the Bulto forthcoming after Blogger issues are put to rest?


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