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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Karting Video

I forgot to mention that the track we were on is modelled on the Silverstone track, hence the title of the video, GBC's Silverstone Debut. Sit back, belt up (trust me, you DO need to wear your seatbelt for this), and enjoy.

Watch it on Ewe Toob by clicking on this link...

Or click on the play arrow in the middle of this windowy thing, followed by the little box in the bottom right corner to open up the full screen home cinema...


Stuart said...


Darrell said...

Two things:
1- Really cool
2- Was your head crooked or was it just the camera?
3- Who was it that had the audacity to force you off the course? They should be caned.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Err, thats 3 Darrell. And yes, my head is a bit crooked, I think it was all those bumps and the G force.

I shall take that as a compliment Stu!

Anonymous said...


Did I hear you giggling when you spun off?
and I reckon Schumacher would've applauded your overtake, or maybe has.


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

I was giggling all the way round NG! Such mega mega fun, talk about GRIN FACTOR!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stuart, you're right, she's a Hoolie.



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