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Monday, 28 November 2011

A Short Trip South.

Just on my way home from a bit of a trip south - a VMCC meeting followed by a flying visit to the Greystone Enterprises HQ in Kent for Cub Mag related discussions, and to purchase a few bits and pieces for a Cub that I acquired shares in some months back, called Yorkie. Also picked up the fuel and oil tanks for it which had been painted by a lad called Craig, and a very fine job he's done too - wait til you see the colour; all I'm saying for now is (for those of you in the UK) think Co-Op shops (or if you're not in the UK, maybe try Googling Co-Op shops).

The drive down to Kent took a bit longer than expected, and all those weeny country lanes that twisted and turned this way and that were lovely to drive but easy to get lost in. After a chat with the lads at Greystones and a good look around the stocks of Cub bits, it was time to find somewhere to eat, which was easier said than done. Nowhere seemed to serve food mid-afternoon, and the place that everyone said did serve food, well, it wasn't 'just at the end of the road'!

There'll be more about Greystones in The Cub Mag Issue 1, which you'll be able to get your paws on in April 2012, but in the mean time, I'd just like to thank Derek and Adrian for their hospitality and time.


Bodger said...

Sounds like a fun packed day...first the VMCC and then a jaunt down to Kent to do new magazine things.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Yep, was a packed day Bodger, don't know about 'fun' - well, the visit was fun but there was a lotta driving to be done...


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